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The most popular game Pokemon GO has changed mind set of many gamer, and most of them are waiting for some new updates in the game. Wait is over now, Gen 3 of Pokemon GO will be out this Halloween 2017 so now you can enjoy some new & unique characters in the game. Along with this new updates you will see new badge and the team of Pokemon Go has fixed many bugs in the Game, so now you can enjoy even more.

You can see their pictures below with all new badges and some cool updates in the game, all updates will be out along with this Halloween event and we will definitely see some new moves / mobility in the game. “Game is becoming more mature with its every new update”, said one of the team member of Pokemon GO.

So finally new update in Pokemon Go is releasing out this Oct 2017, and as the wallpaper of this game shows; there will be some ghost type monsters in the game.

Pokemon Go Gen 3 | Update in the Game with Halloween 2017

Niantic have done this before in previous update, releasing baby monsters and then updated with full rosters, week later. So we can see the similar perks in this update as well but lets tell you some original aspects of the game, for those who may still are not aware of the game.

“It is a very much popular game around the world, and in this game we catch monsters live, actually it seems to be live as we have to go out to catch them.”

And now after checking out new posters of Pokemon GO Gen 3, it has been confirmed that there would be ghost and other dark type monsters to catch in the game, and we all know; we die to play this game, it would be more fun in going out and catch them before other players.

Why You should not play Pokemon Go ?

This popular game had many active users which were more than Facebook, yes! it is true, more than facebook and it happened when the game was released and people went crazy about the game. So, who know what might happen with this new update in the game, but here we are telling you why you should not play this game-

  • If you get lost in the game easily, actually when you are busy in playing this game, you are at risk of accidents so don’t play this game in the city or traffic.
  • Are you a kid? don’t play this game?
    why? Ask your parents
  • Careless, if you are careless never play this game

Every thing you need to know about Pokemon Go Gen 3

Everything you need to know about Pokemon Go gen 3 update
Everything you need to know about Pokemon Go gen 3 update
Pokemon GO gen 3 release date
Pokemon GO gen 3 release date


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