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Conflict is inevitable in business. We have different opinions and viewpoints, approach issues and arrangements in an unexpected way and by and large experience the world and the working environment in various manners. In a word, we’re “different.” And that is something to be thankful for, particularly in business.

Conflict takes many forms. It can happen between colleagues, among managers and subordinates, and between employees and customers. Companies can either decide to view conflict as inherently negative, attempting to avoid it whenever possible, or they can embrace and leverage conflict to create positive change.

Accepting conflict as the natural growing pains of your business can help you identify areas that need improvement and inspire creative solutions that propel the business forward. But in order to take advantage of conflict, it’s important to have the option to oversee it successfully. Professional business coaching firms can be instrumental in conflict management because they are objective and have proven strategies for using conflict to a company’s advantage.

Professional business coaching firms by and large section strife in the work environment into three zones: conflict between employees, conflict between groups of employees, and conflict within groups of employees. These contentions are healthy in a growing company and, actually, are often necessary if the business will flourish.

Conflict between employees is often a result of differing personalities and styles of communication. Interpersonal conflicts can be unstable so it’s important for managers to recognize the signs of conflicts between people so they can be proactive in resolving disputes before they get out of hand. Typical signs include intentionally undermining one another and refusing to cooperate, unnecessarily contradicting one another, and overlooking each other totally.

Strife can also arise between groups of employees. This often happens in departments where, for example, employees in the marketing department think they’re better than employees in the IT department. Professional business coaching firms will reveal to you that a little competition is healthy, but every department must work together as a team to achieve the goals of the organization.

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