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4 Tools That Improve Productivity for Property Managers Working Remotely

A primary concern regarding the increase in remote work is how to create and maintain a steady level of productivity in an uncontrolled environment.

Studies show that 77% of employees feel more productive working from home, but only 30% of people actually accomplished more work in less time. Which means that the illusion of increased productivity is the result employees are working more hours to accommodate to a seemingly unsatisfactory level of productivity.

Glenn Dutcher, an assistant professor at Ohio University who studies the effects of telecommuting, told CNBC “the novelty of telecommuting might ‘wear off after a while,’ and you might find that your productivity wanes.” Studies confirm that 24% of people working from home are willing to work extra hours to accomplish more and achieve that level of productivity.

Self Service | Property Managers Working Remotely

Equip customers with personalized portals to enable owner and tenant self-service reducing the workload for property managers.

The OneLink portal enables customers to independently view their account, make payments, submit requests, and report maintenance or incidents eliminating inbound inquiries to frontline staff regarding matters that can be managed by customers online.

This allows property managers to focus their time and attention on more demanding and meaningful work.

Real Time Data

Waiting for updates can take a while when property managers are unable to go into the office or on-site to speak directly to colleagues. When there is a delay in accessing important information or correspondence productivity can be stalled or even completely stopped.

To facilitate the flow of information, every module in the INFO-Tracker suite is updated in real time providing property management teams with instant access to pertinent information Any information is entered into the property management system is immediately available to other users, increasing property managers’ response times customer, community, and site needs.

Automated Batch Processing

Any work that requires repetitive data entry and heavy administration can cost organizations valuable time and resources. Property managers can increase productivity by at least 14.5% by leveraging INFO-Tracker automated batch processes to streamlines repetitive processes.

The software suite provides multiple batch processing opportunities which can enhance efficiencies for remote workers.

Accounting teams can use ACH/EFT batches to pay vendors en-masse or collect customer payments in minutes online. This function allows property managers to process almost a week’s worth of work in just hours.

Communication -Property Managers Working Remotely

When you’re not working in the same room as your colleagues it can be make communication difficult. Property managers can bridge that gap and connect to their team seamlessly online with the SiteLink.

The online property management software allow frontline staff to access site related information on-demand. Frontline staff can also send messages online through the portal instantly instead of relying on email where they can get buried in the backlog.

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