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India is known for its heritage and love for food. In northern India, the domesticated cow appeared by 2000 B.C.E. The Vedic Civilization heavily relied upon the cow and buffalos for cow milk and other dairy products. By this, we can figure out the long tradition of pure cow milk production as well as consumption.

There is around 1.22 billion population in India. And these populations depend on 120 million buffalos and cows. Earlier people avail milk from a cooperative structure such as milk delivered by delivery boy/women or purchasing the milk from the counter in the street. But there was always the chance of contamination and getting poor quality milk. But now thanks to the world of the internet you can buy fresh cow milk with just a few clicks.

You can buy cow milk in Delhi or in another city in India from leading dairy farms. The safety of food security and food safety is on the top agenda in India. The pattern of dairy product consumption is quite unique in comparison to other western countries. But now people are concerned about their health in India, people are depending upon the cow milk as it contains lesser fat content in comparison to buffalo milk.

Pasteurized farm-fresh milk

Now, you would be thinking what is this pasteurized farm fresh cow milk?

Pasteurization is the process where slow microbial growth takes place. It does not mean that it kills all the pathogens in the milk, but will reduce the viable pathogen that unlikely may cause disease.  There are mainly two types of pasteurization:-

  1. UHT
  • The full form is Ultra Heat Treated.
  • 280-degree Faraday for a fraction of seconds.


  • Abbreviation of HTST is High Temperature/Short Time.
  • 161 degree Faraday for 15-20 seconds.

Wrapping it up!! 

 In conclusion, it is better that you buy milk from leading dairy farms. They will provide you with the best quality with nill contamination. Nowadays, leading dairy farms are selling milk in glass bottles because they look for consistently delivering top-quality milk. Glass bottles retain the freshness of the cow milk.

Author’s Bio

The author is the marketing manager st South Ville Maelk. He loves to write blogs and articles on dairy farming and its benefit. In his free time, the author loves to play volleyball.

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