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QuickBooks student discount is available for students and teachers as well as for the schools of the USA. If you are a student then this will surely very beneficial for you and it might reduce the heavy burden of a huge amount to pay for the purchasing of the software. If you are a student and eligible(eligibility criteria given below) for free download, you can access 1-year QuickBooks plus for free(You can download it from Intuit’s official website) and if you are a teacher then you may get the free licence of QuickBooks Online accountants which is non-expiry. But this non-expiry licence is only for the school’s computer lab or for the classroom’s desktop. and If you are not eligible as a student or teacher then there are 30 days free trial of QuickBooks. Go to our Official site of QuickBooks Support.


Quickbooks is a part of the Education Program By Intuit. If you know about accounting then surely you may know about Intuit Quickbooks.

This is a simpler and easiest way to do accounting. QuickBooks was launched in 2002 and now it has over 2.2 million users. Quickbook is an Accounting Software use to manage your sales, accepting payments and providing you with a facility to track your daily transactions. And one of the main features is it manages GST invoice very easily.

There are many persons who can’t afford to buy QuickBooks software mainly students. So for these persons, many offers and discounts are there or even you can get it for free. 

Pros of QuickBooks:

  • Numerous features, Easy to use, cloud-based software, invoicing feature, advance tax support, good mobile apps and other

Discounts For Student & Teachers:

Yes, there are discounts for both students and teachers. As this is for all students, teachers and business and QuickBooks could be costly or not in the budget of many mainly for the students. So there are some offers or the discount provided by platforms as QuickBooks Student Discount. Firstly QuickBooks provides you 30 days free trial but if you claim that 30 days free trial before purchasing you will not get any discount. If you want QuickBooks for free than it is possible but you have to fulfil the eligibility criteria. QuickBooks has some ways of testing your eligibility as both for students and teachers and if you pass that eligibility than you can get a student version of Quickbooks online or desktop for free otherwise many online providers provide you discount up to 50% based on their way of pricing and terms and conditions.

Note:-all the discounts are invalid if you use 30 days of the free trial before purchasing software.

Check out the eligibility to get QuickBooks discount:

Here are some eligibility criteria you can easily get a student discount offer if you can satisfy any of the following:-

  • You should be a student or teacher of recognised primary/secondary school or public/private university or college.
  • The school district or board of education.
  • A recognised public or private school providing full-time instruction for students in grades K-12.
  • Public or private college or university including community college, junior college, or vocational school.

Buy QuickBooks As per your need:

Intuit provides you software on the basis of your need. Intuit already offered different versions of  QuickBooks software with different features Some are as follows below:

  • QuickBooks Online: There you can manage your finance on the web.
  • Quickbooks pro or mac: There you get standard Quickbooks product with accounting features such as Invoice and other
  • QuickBook premier or enterprise: Design for medium and large business

What QuickBooks commonly provides:

  • Quickbook provides billing and Invoicing
  • Inventory Management
  • Core Accounting
  • Financial reporting

Plans of QuickBooks:

Simple start plan:-Ultimate Invoices, ultimate estimates, Expense tracking, live bank feeds, and one user.

Essential plan:-all the features of Simple start plan and addition of Accounts payable, time tracking, three users.

Plus plan:- all the features provided by essential plan and Inventory, Project management, Class tracking, 1099 tax support, Five users

Where you can buy QuickBooks:

You can see many portals proving QuickBooks but you must keep your first priority to buy from the trusted one. Here are some trusted platforms to buy QuickBooks:

  • Intuit official portal of QuickBooks
  • Microsoft official portal
  • Apple portal

Some of the other platforms to buy QuickBooks are, Google Play Store, Apple Store

Below there is the official link of QuickBooks by Intuit where you can download or purchase QuickBooks:

  • http\\

Why prices vary on different platforms:

There are some reasons for the varying difference in prices on different platforms. Some key reasons are;-

  • New/Old Versions: you may get a difference in price on the same platform because of versions. As the version update, it adds some feature so it may cost some more for you.
  • On the basis of features: You can also see some difference in rate on the same version of the software that’s because of the features they are providing you.
  • Pirated software: That’s the stage where you can’t get to know about the piracy. They provide the same version of the software with lots of features in low amount but the software does not work properly. So always check the customer reviews and all about the software.
  • Offers or discount can also change depends on the pricing and terms and conditions of the platforms.

Keep in mind:

Always keep in mind before purchasing QuickBooks or anything. Do not run through the highest discount %. Check whether the product is genuine or piracy product. You may get different discounts on the same platform or maybe on different so before buying check out what features they are providing & you are getting the features you want or not. And, you can also contact us on QuickBooks Support Phone Number.

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