Real Time Mobile Apps; How Can They Benefit Businesses?

Change is the only constant in a fast paced digital era that we live in today. Our work schedules and lifestyles demand us to do things on the go. Smart-phones undoubtedly are one of the greatest revelations of tech to mankind and we are so used to accessing information and communicating through our phones. It is of no surprise that smart-phone has become the digital hub for businesses and users alike. With the outburst of technology and innovation, thousands of real time mobile apps flash our eyes and hundreds of them are widely used. Real time apps are not only beneficial to end users but they also entail great value for businesses.

What are real time apps?

So, before we get into the details of real time apps, let’s just know what real time mobile apps are. Any app that helps in accessing and sharing information and data in real time is a real time mobile app. E-chat, instant messaging, video calling and cloud apps are some of the commonly known real time apps. From social networking to live event tracking, they are as diverse as the needs of the users.

Advantages of real time apps

Real time apps are becoming popular for data accessing/sharing and business communication. From multinationals to medium sized enterprises, a number of businesses rely on real time apps for managing their internal communication, outside interactions and transactions. Not only they provide chances for better engagement and collaboration, but also create possibilities for cost reduction and equity maximization. Here are some of the benefits real time mobile apps can entail for the businesses:

Ease of Access and Sharing

Employees within a business entity can easily and quickly access and share data that helps in streamlining day to day operations and minimizes the risk of delays. Responding to users’ concerns outside the organization also becomes easier and all that is done in real time which eliminates latency.

Cost Reduction

Better and timely real time information accessing and sharing between internal and external members will free the companies to depend on an extensive IT infrastructure. This means that businesses no longer have to invest in a giant setup which is likely to take away the chances of investing in other endeavors. Great reduction in business costs can have a profound impact on the stability of the organizations.

Transparency of information

Information shared through real time apps is faster and reliable which doesn’t leave any room for grapevine and data fragmentation. A centralized approach to control the access of critical data will effectively address the issues of quality and discrepancy, making information transparent for businesses as well as the users.

Increased Market Knowledge

Real time mobile apps are great in fetching real time information of the users. This means businesses have better chances of learning about their customers and the market dynamics which can aid in business decision making.

Enhanced Branding and Marketing

A track of the users’ information is one of the greatest assets of a business. Data gathered through real time mobile apps can help businesses tailor their market offerings according to the needs and interests of users. This way, businesses have the chance to fill the market gap and tap customer needs that have not been addressed.


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