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Location is a prime factor that one must check before buying any property. Whether it’s being purchased for commercial purposes or for personal use, its location would determine whether the property is worth your money. If you are looking for a home in Pune, you might want to buy a property in Bibwewadi as it is a region offering various locational advantages. You would also have several options to choose from as a number of real estates builders have come up with residential projects in this locality.

  • Social amenities: The civic infrastructure in and around Bibwewadi is very well-developed. Residing in this region, you can ensure proper education for your children by getting them admitted to good schools and colleges. In fact, Pune houses some of the best institutions in India and quite a few of them are accessible easily from Bibwewadi. A number of reputed hospitals lie within a close distance too and offer reliable medical facilities. This is one of the prime reasons why apartments in Bibwewadi are high in demand.
  • Commercial prospects: The IT Sector has flourished really well in Pune, with multiple leading companies from India and abroad launching offices in this city. Naturally, these companies offer alluring job opportunities in Pune. Due to the strategic location of Bibwewadi, you can easily get across to some of the most important business and employment hubs. This would enable you to enjoy the commercial prospects of this city to the fullest. It is due to the job opportunities that flats in Bibwewadi are good investment assets. Many of the people migrating to Pune for work rent homes in Bibwewadi as they can get across to their workplace easily from here. 

It is quite evident that a home in Bibwewadi would be a suitable option for end-users and investors alike.

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