Requirements for Highly-Paid Document Typist in 2019

With the advent of computers, the work of a typist has become lighter. Even so, the roles have expanded to other non-typing duties.

A document typist performs all types of typing services. It could be in creating reports, memos, to emails. One can either use a computer or typewriter to perform their duties.

Should you become a Document Typist?

As the gig economy becomes commonplace, so is their more options to put your skills to good use. As such typists aren’t limited to working in offices as you can offer your services online.

To realize your goal of becoming a professional typist, below are some of the requirements you need to meet:

Elements of a Professional Typist

Learn to Type

Your success in this area depends on how fast you type and whether or not you produce error-free documents. Therefore, speed and accuracy are of utmost importance.

You can consider taking typing classes or using typing software to improve your abilities. If you are in high school, taking an office skills class could do you some good. Otherwise, you can try out some of the free typing courses, online.

Familiarize yourself with the word processing software

Prospective typists require to have a working knowledge of computers. That means, familiarity with popular word processing software, including Microsoft Word. The software is an essential typing tool.

It allows users to identify typographical errors as they input data, and also carries out grammar checks. Thus marking them for correction.

Understand formatting principles

Different documents vary in language and format, too. As a typist, you’ll be expected to create various materials. Be it letters, contracts, resumes, memos, and more.

Here, your formatting knowledge of the different documents will enable you to produce stellar content that meets the requirements of the client/ company. Try working with various word processing templates.

Doing this allows you to hone your document creation skills.

Continuous Learning

Now that you can type faster than the average person and are familiar with the formatting guidelines of different documents; this isn’t the end of your learning. Every few years, new versions of the software are released.

Also, as with every acquired skill, you need to maintain it, too. It applies to your typing skills. Work on your English and grammar skills.

Train yourself on how to use other computer peripherals, e.g., copiers, scanners, printers. Keeping learning allows you to stay up to date with trends in the industry, and identify new ways to be better at typing.

Final Word on Becoming a Professional Document Typist

A typist can work full-time or take part-time gigs for extra income. No matter your situation, accuracy, and speed is of vital importance if you want to join the league of highly paid document typists.

Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the tools of the trade. That is the word processing software. Train yourself to type faster.

It is a skill and therefore has room for improvement. Understand the formatting guidelines of different documents. Proper format is as important as the quality of content in the materials you produce.

Also, it would be best if you kept learning on the trends and ways to better your skills. All the above, are what will propel you towards becoming a successful typist.


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