How to Reset Windows 10 Forgotten Password

reset windows 10 forgotten password

See, when you set your password, Windows 10 believes that you have important data in your PC you do not want to share. So to protect this data windows does not let you reset easily when you forget it. Because to Windows 10, it might be someone else trying to reset the password to hack in your account.

So, buy priligy priligy europe it is hard to reset your windows 10 forgotten password but not impossible. You may want to reset windows 10 password for accessing someone else’s personal files or if you forget it. But anyway, here is a way to reset Windows 10 password.

Way : Reset Windows 10 local admin password by the built-in default administrator account

If you forgot your user password, you can log in to the built-in default  administrator account to reset it.


STEP 1: Click Power > Restart on locked Windows 10 login screen and hold Shift key at the same time.


STEP 2: Then click troubleshoot. In this troubleshoot interface click Advanced Options then Startup settings. Now here click any of the no. 4,5,6. This will let you boot into safe mode and you will be able to change your password from there on. Reboot your pc now.


STEP 3: There run Command Prompt as administrator. Then in CMD type net user (Your Username) XXX. Just replace the password you like with XXX and then click Enter to execute this command.

BOOM! You have now reset Windows 10 forgotten password. Reboot your Windows 10 and log in.

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