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Awesome Dance in Rajasthan, A must watch for those who are new and are still learning dance. It is honestly said that nothing is impossible if you do something by heart and then miracle happens. Your dreams starts coming true when you stop distracting from rest of the world and work towards it.

It would be easy to concentrate on one thing and get some positive out of it.

Here, We have another dance form called dubstep music and this dancer had incredibly performed on that. If you are still struggling in your life to get hold on to your thoughts; What to do? what not to do? then relax your mind and start writing.

You can write down and can create a list of 10 things where you are good and can achieve success. And once you are done with this then start manipulating yourself with these ideas.

Second you can start deleting things out of your list one after other, if they are merely your fantasies because your passion should be strong enough to devote your entire life. Your passion about dance should be enough strong that you would give up on anything for Dance.

finally we are listing some platforms where you can learn new and latest style of Dance and can learn by yourself with paying even a single penny.

  • Youtube/Youtube videos/Youtube tutorials
  • Facebook or Facebook Pages
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

And other social media websites where people keep posting their videos and styles in text so that their viewers can be updated. This is most amazing way to learn any new style and thereafter you can show us your dance moves as well.

So friends feel free to post your comments down in the box below and let us know about problems you are facing while learning new dance styles and this amazing Youtube channel can be subscribed for some details for free. You can post your own technical reviews as well, yes videos in the comment box for your internet friends.


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