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Kickstarter has been a good place for launching new technology and some cool startups have been doing this great job of launching their projects here. LeviZen – Levitate water & feel zero gravity is one of the recent project from kickstarter and has been funded by many people, so its worth thinking about this project. It is about teasing the gravity and defeating it for our interest, and yes some people have become successful in doing so. don’t you know ? See and believe…

Wow ! Levitate Water | LeviZen

Since water is a magical material and its formless, that means it can adopt any shape. But when it is suspended in air, it takes a form of solid sphere, and using simply light using LET we can light up this bubble. You won’t believe, it look so amazing… how amazing?  see it yourself here

Reviews of LeviZen Levitate water & feel zero gravity Tech Reviews of LeviZen Levitate water & feel zero gravity

Design of LeviZen

Levitate water & feel zero gravity

Lets talk about its design & functionality –

  • Looks great on Coffee table, end table, bookshelves, Working desk
  • Retro look because of Walnut wood has been used in its design
  • Hand finished with Aluminum to give it light weight
  • “The Box” for its electronic items
  • Three retro toggle switches for On/ Off mechanism
  • Aluminum knob for controlling power level

Reviews of LeviZen – Levitate water & feel zero gravity

Major components of LeviZen are –

  • The Box: Control enter of LeviZen, Actually every liquid levitates at a different level, its a general science behind it, more the mass of the liquid more power is needed to levitate.
  • Wow factor of LeviZen : This device not only levitates the water but it can move it up or down also.
  • Metal toggle
  • Sound waves are used for levitation purpose

How does LeviZen works ?

This device uses two sound waves which travels against each other and both creates a standing wave. This type of wave has some places on it where it does not move a all, these non moving places are called nodes, so now, when a water droplet is placed at node, then it gets trapped between maximum moving parts of the waves.

And just like that, we get a beautiful looking levitated water droplet in the air… cool? leave comment about your experience.

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