Reviews of SHIFTCAM 2.0: 12 Camera-Enhancing Lens 1 Sleek Case

Its simple the best –  SHIFTCAM 2.0 finally its out in Kickstarter but fund is really under process so everyone can’t have their hands on it. Read full  Reviews of SHIFTCAM 2.0 : This is an upgrade to its previous version of Shiftcam 1.0, now it has 6 – in – 1 mechanism, better lenses capacity and more compatible case design, and now you can use both the cameras all together without any pain.

Features of SHIFTCAM 2.0

  • Macro
  • Fisheye
  • Wide range angle
  • telephoto lenses
  • Higher quality
  • No compromise with the quality

Reviews of SHIFTCAM 2.0: 12 Camera-Enhancing Lens 1 Sleek Case

Yes, it will be a cool idea to use these camera on your phones, but the question is – why would anyone buy this?

Even our smartphone has enough mega pixel camera and we are happy with it, yes?

Okay lets think out of the box!


Actually this is not the first peace of Shift Cam, its the Reviews of SHIFTCAM 2.0 and tech team who are engaged in its development has done a lot of hard work to improve it.

You can check every detail of Reviews of SHIFTCAM 2.0 here

Tech Reviews of SHIFTCAM 2.0

It is a complete pack of 6 camera – enhancing lenses fit in one compatible iPhone case. And its shifting feature helps us to use both rear and front camera up to optimum level.

With a simple slide and click motion, users shift seamlessly between a range of lenses : 2x Telephoto, 180 fisheye, 120 wide angle, 10x Macro,  20x Macro and more.

Reviews of SHIFTCAM 2.0 and LTR magazine

  • Ground breaking interchangeable Pro- grade lenses gives users the freedom to take HD photographs using their phones only.
  • Relief from heavy weight equipment for Professional photography

Five strong range of individual lenses are –

  1. Pro – wide angle
  2. Pro Telephoto
  3. Pro – macro traditional
  4. Pro – Fish eye ( 235 degree )
  5. Pro – Macro long range

Oops did we miss something? Please comment and share you experience about the ShiftCam 2.0 with us


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