Reviews on Trump Chatter On Fb crossing all Records

Mr. Trump has made history on social media websites as well. Donald Trump’s conversations on the internet has crossed every limits and especially on fb He had secured more than 300million likes.

Donald Trump a Super hero On Social Media

There is not a single doubt in his millions of likes, shares and comments. In recent weeks He has interactions on facebook crossing 250 millions. From an internet survey done by our LTR team. It was found that new interaction from Trump’s commenters are more than Hilary Clinton.

We are not telling you about positive or negative comments about any of the candidate but still the debate made history. And on social media millions of new users posted their own views.

Elections in the United States are run by county clerks and simultaneously supervised by elected secretaries of the states, some of them seemed to be annoyed by Trump’s aspersions without any evidence.  And as per some republicans said,” elections would make fair and clean proceedings with genuine results.

Rare Picture of Mr. Trump

and friends if you have your own reviews with some technicality then go ahead and post it in the comment.


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