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Gaming and sports is one of the leading entertainment industries, growing worldwide providing various scope for AI and machine learning developers to create the model that can provide a better gaming experience, at the same time also make available useful data for game developers to use such data for developing more interactive games.  

Actually, AI-based analysis system and visual gaming can give a more detailed insights of the gamers as well as data used while playing the games. In sports industry machine learning and AI can help developers to identify the actions and poses of the humans recognized through visual perception based AI models like videos games, or virtual reality based games.  

And to develop such AI-based or machine learning models, annotated images requires that can provide the visual recognition of the objects in the images. Cogito provides, the image annotation service to annotate the images and provide the training datasets to develop the AI-based models for sports and gaming industry and below you can find the types of annotations used for this industry.  

Landmarking to Detect the Human Poses

Landmark annotation or you can say point annotation, is used to make the human poses recognizable. In landmarking annotation, human faces and body action is pointed with points to define the human action or poses. It provides the visual recognition of the human poses while performing the diverse types of actions in various types of sports.   

deep learning in sports

Image Annotation for Sports Analytics

In racing games and soccer sports, participants are detected and recognized through AI and machine model to detect their position or analyze the data for other purposes. Bounding box annotation, helps to capture such pictures in the images provides a training datasets for AI based models.

Anolytics, provides the bounding box image annotation service to annotate the object of interest with precision for making such objects recognizable to machines. It can annotate all types of images with focus on object of interest to make them easily recognizable to machines.   

Semantic Segmentation for Video Games

In video games, the computer vision technology helps to detect the objects and semantic segmentation image annotation can make such objects in a single-class recognizable with more precision. The computer games have two approaches, one a participant who is playing the and another is computer itself that play with opponents.

Semantic segmentation helps to segment the objects visible in the groups. Cogito provides the semantic segmentation image annotation service to annotate the images for the sports and gaming. It can provide the quality training datasets for machine learning and AI-based models.  

High-quality Training Data for AI in Sports & Gaming Industry

For deep learning in sports and gaming industry, Cogito can provide the high-quality training datasets that can used to train the AI models developed through machine learning algorithms. It can annotate the any type of image with accuracy for right predictions by visual perception based AI models.  

Cogito provides data annotation services with expertise in image annotation services to develop the AI or machine learning models for different industries and sectors. Cogito annotate the images, for all the leading industries like healthcare, retail, autonomous vehicles, agriculture, sports, robotics, media, smart cities, insurance and various other industries.


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