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No roof without roof waterproofing: The roof waterproofing is the outermost layer of the roof skin and protects the structure from the ingress of precipitation. The safest variant for roof sealing must be selected individually for each roof area. Regardless of whether the waterproof roof sealing film used is plastic, rubber, or bitumen: the stresses on seals are high and the same for all roofing membranes. Above all, they must be straight, flat, root-proof, hydrolysis-resistant, and resistant to shock loads and hail. Roof Waterproofing Lahore with bitumen is one of the oldest methods for flat roof waterproofing. Whatever your roof requires, at BAUEN + LEBEN you will find numerous articles in the field of sealing technology with which you can reliably seal key areas.

You Can Do Something about Roof Damage

Strong temperature fluctuations, dryness, wetness, or inferior material lead in the long term to damage to the seams and connection points of the roof. Leakages then from there, especially on flat roofs. Conventional flat roofs made of bitumen cardboard are usually sealed with bitumen coatings. Bitumen leveling compounds are the right choice for smaller leaks and connections in the entire roof area. In the following sections, you will find everything you need to repair damage to your roof.

Flat Roof Sealing With Roof Waterproofing Lahore Barrier


The surface must be dry and clean. In the case of older roof surfaces made of roofing felt, cut open any bubbles and hollow spaces and repair them with DICHTES ROOF (you will find detailed instructions in the next section)

Then you can apply ROOF LOCK. The drying time is approx. 4 – 10 hours, depending on the weather. When everything is completely dry, you can apply the 2nd layer.

In particularly stressed areas, e.g. B. in the vicinity of water connections, incorporate a reinforcement or sealing tape. DICHT-TAND or PANZER-VLIES are ideal for this.

Roof Repairs with Roof Waterproofing Lahore Tight Roof


The surface must be dry and clean. Prime with VORANSTRICH for optimal results.
Apply PROFI FILLER with a spatula or a trowel. In order to avoid the formation of bubbles, you should apply thicker layers in several coats at intervals.

Existing bubbles can simply be cut open, the edges melted, filled (A)
and then closed again (B).

Then fill the edges (C). Make sure that the mass always runs out flat.

Takes Liability on the Roof

When bonding bitumen roofing membranes, choosing the right adhesive is crucial. Roof Waterproofing Lahore is ideally suited for the strip-wise or full-surface bonding of bitumen roofing felt.


The surface must be dry and clean. Prime with VORANSTRICH for optimal results. Important: Only glue the overlap joints on wooden roofs. The first layer of the roofing membrane is nailed. Tip: roll out the sheets a few days before laying. Then they are easier to work with!

Pour on the substrate and spread it with a bitumen scrubber or a brush. On roofs without edging, you should only use small amounts of adhesive, otherwise, the compound can run off or drip off. For example, work with the point or strip gluing.

Then roll the previously laid and rolled back strips carefully and free of air bubbles into the mass. Layout the strips so that they overlap by 5 cm. Then press the strips briefly or weigh them down with a weight.
Finally, only fill the seams with Roof Waterproofing Lahore.

For Roofs That Are Looking for Connection

Connection areas and seams of rain gutters, roof coverings, greenhouses, etc. are often difficult to access and therefore difficult to seal. For these cases, Roof Waterproofing Lahore is a flexible and safe solution. The tape, which is available in different colors, adapts ideally to the surface.


The surface must be dry, clean, and stable. Prime with VORANSTRICH for optimal results
So that you can stick BITUMEN-TAPE on as wrinkle-free as possible, you have to remove the protective film at the same time as you unroll.

Then press the glued area with a cloth or roller. Make sure that the BITUMEN-BAND overlaps at least 2.5 cm.

First Aid for the Roof

How easy is that? Now you can fix leaks and cracks on the roof as easily as a scratch on your hand: with the new ROOF PAVE.

Simply stick on the leak, sprinkle with colored slate and that’s it!


The surface must be dry and free of dust and grease. Dirt, loose parts, etc. remove with a brush beforehand. Porous and absorbent substrates can be pretreated with Roof Waterproofing Lahore for better adhesion.

If necessary, cut the ROOF PLASTER to the required size.

Peel off one of the protective films and place the self-adhesive plaster on the area to be sealed with light pressure (Fig. A). Attention: Roof Waterproofing Lahore ROOF PAVES sticks enormously. It may not be possible to correct errors!

Press down with a cloth or roller and push away air bubbles to the side, overlapping by approx. 2.5 cm in the connection areas.

Remove the top film (Fig. B) and sprinkle the enclosed grit on the self-adhesive top of the plaster (Fig. C).


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