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Like everything else, the point of sale (POS) market is saturated with options to choose from, and every product offers special features, models and specifications. There is an extensive array of offerings targeted towards restaurants of different sizes and that can make it difficult to find the one that best suits the need. However, the experts at can help you streamline your purchasing decision by giving you 5 important questions to think about. Take the time to consider your answers as these will help you find the perfect POS to help you manage your restaurant more efficient. 

Do you need a full POS or one with a few specific features?

When it comes to POS systems you can purchase a full stand-alone system or a simple software program you can install into your computer. A stand-alone program comes with the screen, tablets and all necessary hardware and comes preinstalled with management software to help you automate inventory, billing, receivables, employee times, wait- staff needs and more. In most cases, managers prefer this type of POS product because it streamlines all management tasks from the system. 

However, if you are looking for more affordable solutions, you might consider options on the other side of the spectrum. This is the POS software program which installs onto existing tech devices such as desktops, laptops and tablets.

Do you want your restaurant management system to be stored in a cloud or on your hardware system?

Cloud-based systems allow you to manage the restaurant from almost anywhere in the world. You can access all aspects of your business through an internet connection which allows you to work remotely. In contrast, an in-house system keeps all data locally and you can only access it from the POS in the restaurant where it is stored. 

Is theft or human error a concern?

When you implement a good POS, theft or mistakes become less of an issue. The POS registers every sale, refund, incoming inventory and expense. As a manager, you will no longer need to run the numbers, count or do manual inventory. A good POS minimizes theft and eliminates fraud. You can monitor the times the cash drawer is opened, when discounts are given, and how employees manage the refund processes. 

Do you need to improve customer service?

A point of sale system is key to offering excellent customer service, as it saves time and gives you an improved profit margin. POS software allows the staff to quickly process orders, which helps them manage customers better. It is much faster to tap an order into the POS order options on an iPad than it is to write down everything on a menu order or to type in the orders into a cash register. Order deliveries also become more efficient as kitchen help can quickly print up orders or display them on additional POS screens. 

Do You Need to Save Time?

This is probably the most critical question you need to ask yourself. Choosing the right POS will save you time, make your management and operations processes more efficient and streamlined. Just be sure to review any software and hardware solutions offered to you. Make sure these align with your business objectives.

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