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No one in the world will like to have that feeling when you are stable on the ground and the other moment you are not. The earth is revolving and rotating by and gravity plays its magic. In this blog, we will be understanding the major benefits of having using a fall arrest system.

We all are well aware that the highest risk of fall is the construction industry. If we check the economy of the United States, we can see that almost $70 billion is claimed in medical expenses, disability, lost productivity, and medical expenses.

But the safety from falls is not just the economical cost. It is the responsibility of your’s to think about the safety of your workers. Here in this blog, we have covered some pointers that you must pay special attention to keep your workplace safe.

What are the benefits of using fall arrest?

Fall incidents which are often classified under the falls, trips, and slips usually are the result of the following cases:-

  1. Floor holes
  2. Unprotected edges
  3. Cluttered walking area or the spaces that are unstable and slippery.
  4. Unsafe positioning and use of the ladders
  5. Fall protections are misused
  6. Wall openings

With a fall arrest system, you can save your employees from the above-mentioned hazards.

Note:- When you buy webbing sling or any other sling such as duplex webbing sling, endless round webbing sling, round sling, fall arrester, etc, make sure that you are purchasing it from leading brands. With leading brands, you can be assured that you, your workplace, and your employers are 100% safe. The leading and established brands will only manufacture or develop the product that adheres to the current rules and regulations.

Wrapping it up!!

Below mentioned are some points that you must consider before purchasing the fall arrest system:-

Points to consider

Before you plan for your purchases for fall arrest systems or any other equipment such as Ratchet straps, make sure that you read the guidelines set by the OSHA (regulatory body):-

  1. For any construction industry check the regulation act of 1926, Subpart M.
  2. For general industry, read the regulations of 1910, Subparts F and D.


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