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Air coolers are one of the most effective and affordable solutions for places that face extreme dry heat during the summer season.

They have become popular in India as they are easy to use and extremely economical.

Compared to an AC price that begins at around Rs.25,000 in India, the price of an air cooler starts at around Rs.5,000. It is also an eco-friendly solution to beat the heat as it uses only water as the coolant.
However, selecting the right air cooler is what is vital to tackle the scorching heat in the summer season of India. Go through this post and know more!

1) Types of air coolers
The most popular types of air coolers in India are personal and desert air coolers, and you should get one depending on your needs and budget. Desert air coolers are considered the best for dry climatic conditions. They are larger than personal air coolers and are meant to cool down a large room.

They come with large water tanks and massive fans that can throw cool air throughout the room. You can also use them on your backyard and terrace. On the other hand, personal air coolers are suitable for humid weather conditions. They are effective if you place them in a particular area or small rooms.

They don’t consume higher power units in comparison to AC and perform quietly than desert air coolers. They may have a small water tank but are capable of using water smartly and provide cooling for long hours. Based on your requirements, you can choose between a personal and desert air cooler.

2) Water tank capacity
The next thing that you need to consider while selecting the best air cooler is the water tank capacity. It is good to go for air coolers that come with larger water tank capacity. Larger is the water tank capacity, the longer you will enjoy the cool air without refilling.

If you are buying an air cooler for a large room, then its water tank capacity should be at least 50 litres and 30 litres for a small room. This way, you won’t need to wake up in the night to fill the water in the tank and disturb your sleep.

3) Cooling pads
Cooling pads impacts the cooling efficiency of an air cooler that you are buying. The work of cooling pads is to absorb water and let air to pass through them to cool it. Thicker is the cooling pad of your air cooler; better will be the cooling. Cooling pads are either aspen or honeycomb made.

Aspen is made of synthetic fibre and wood shavings. They may be inexpensive but have a short shelf life and need higher maintenance. On the other hand, honeycomb cooling pads are thicker than aspen and provides you with higher life and lower maintenance. They may be a bit costly but are also considered to be efficient in the long run. Most of the branded air coolers come loaded with honeycomb cooling pads these days.

4) Other aspects to consider
Other aspects that you should consider while bringing home an air cooler are:

• Castor wheels – It helps you take the air cooler from one room to another without issues. 
• Inverter compatibility – This feature lets you run your machine on inverter in the event of load shedding. 
• Remote control function – Having a remote control to access settings can help you manage it from your bed without getting up now and then.
• Ice chamber – Ice chamber lets you place ice cubes in your air cooler to enjoy better cooling when it’s really hot and muggy outside.

If you are able to consider the discussed aspects beforehand, then you will always end up selecting the best air coolers in India as per your needs and budget.

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