Sharing Media On Roku Player

Do you know your Roku can do more than just stream from the web? You can use it to watch video files that you have downloaded or torn, or even play your personal music collection if you have the right Roku Setup. For this, you will need to use a USB drive or the sharing access over the local network.

Of course, you can just plug a computer into the TV and play the movie, VLC or similar media player, but use your Roku Company to provide you with a convenient remote and interface design for the couch control.

Use Plex Media Server and Roku Channel

You will find various channels (which are basically just “apps” for your Roku) to access your own personal media files on the Roku channel store. One of them is the popular Plex media server channel. By installing Plex on your computer, you can use that computer as a media server for all devices, and it’s easy to stream content to your Roku on the web using the Roku Link Code. Plex can also be streamed to smart phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices.for more info visit:-


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