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The world has suddenly become dependent on the web for just about everything, including selling, buying, information, entertainment and work. New technology is changing what can be achieved and everyone should be asking whether their website makes the grade in 2021.

You don’t have a website

This is a sure sign that you are falling behind the times. It is already getting hard to buy domain names that make sense, as they are already in use, so you should do this quickly even if you are not ready to build the site. You can buy domain names bundled with a website builder and hosting package from companies such as

Mobile access

Just three years ago, only 10 per cent of customers accessed websites from a smartphone; today, they represent half the traffic on many sites. If your website has not been built to work on mobiles, you could be in trouble. You can use free tools to see how your site looks on different devices; however, navigation is even more important. Modern websites can be written from the ground up to use dynamic content instead of cumbersome static pages.

Tired templates

Google looks for websites that deliver quality and freshness. Sadly, the majority are built on tired templates that make landing pages hard to update, content hard to curate, products hard to locate, and buying hard to navigate. Even worse, they all look the same. With better coding and higher quality content, a modern website can be much more dynamic for visitors and easier to manage for the business.

Market intelligence

Did you design your site for the customers you expect or the ones you already have? The number one priority after you go live is to study your visitors and constantly remould the site to deliver the things and the experience they want. If your website isn’t providing useful insights, you need one that does.

Social media

Social media integration is a must. You have to support your website with marketing and reach out to your customers. Social media channels are where you do this. If you haven’t planned social media integration, you need to review your strategies.

Slow page loads

Shared hosting packages and bloated databases slow everything down and ruin the customer experience, so build your next site to fly!

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