Slots Myths that People Still Believe in 2021

Since its inception, the mystic surrounding the famed slot machine has always tickled our imaginations – play Mega Moolah UK. These fantasies, usually innocent in their nature, are often about how to make the most of the machine by playing your own set of rules instead of the one set by the machine itself! In this article we will take on the beloved role of the myth buster and shatter the myths that occupy the slot world to make you a better player.  Slots Myths that People Still Believe– We have prepared a list of the top five myths surrounding slots to awaken the pro within, so stick with us! 

The Myths of 2021

Here is a list of the top 3 myths people still believe in 2021.

1.     Winning cycles 

Some believe that there is such a thing as a winning cycle whereby one cycle can offer you the chance to win more than in another. But the fact is, this is untrue. It is essential to remember that most casino games – from roulette, craps to slot machines, all determine the winner through a mixture of chance and probability. By this fact, there is no reason to expect that one cycle will payout more than the next. 

2.     The return to player figure is changed over time by casino owner 

This is a big one. The return to player percentage is really important as it discloses to the player what kind of returns they should expect when playing the online slot machine. There is a large misconception that casinos are able to change the return to player percentage over time, when this is entirely untrue, and if it were the case, it would be a scandal! The return to player percentage is always set by the manufacturer and cannot be changed. 

3.     Playing the same slot improves your chances of hitting the jackpot 

One might think that if they stay at the same machine for long enough their loyalty will be rewarded by better odds. This is untrue in 2021! Like we mentioned before, every machine is a servant to its return to player percentage and offers jackpots based on a combination of chance and fixed odds. The machines are designed to be impartial and clear about what winnings the player should expect and it is for this reason that playing the same slot does not increase your chances 

Online slots are different from old school land-slot machines 

This is one of, if not the biggest myth in the industry. In the recent decade, online slots have taken the world of gambling by storm. One might think that it is too good to be true and that something must have changed for the worse. For all the skeptics out there we say no! Online slot machines work exactly in the same way as land-slot machines. Both systems determine payouts based on the return to player percentage and chance, so as far as how they payout they are the same. 

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