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We live in a time where there is an app for just about everything from controlling the heating in your home to flying drones. Smartphone Apps– That means there are bound to be apps that change the quality of your life and assist you in getting closer to your personal goals.

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It’s 2020, and this year I won’t be wasting any of my valuable time and effort on useless things. That includes looking for secret coupons that promise unbelievable Cox internet plan prices as well as the time I spend using apps on my smartphone. In fact, I’ve decided to come down hard on all the pointless apps I have on my devices. This year, the only apps I download will be the ones that make my life better, easier, more convenient, or less arduous. Read on to find out which apps I’ve got on my list.

17 Life-Changing Smartphone Apps You Need in 2020 

Whether you want to improve your fitness, increase productivity, learn to meditate or deal with a challenging workload, there are tons of apps on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store that can help. Such as the following:

  1. 1 Second Everyday
  2. iPassword
  3. Trello
  4. HAPPY
  5. Freeletics
  6. Woven Calendar
  7. Habitify
  8. Brainwave
  9. Wecroak
  10. Canva
  11. Asana
  12. Goodreads
  13. WHOOP
  14. Insight Timer
  15. OverDrive
  16. Daily Yoga
  17. Waking Up  

Let’s take a quick look at each app and see how they can help improve different aspects of your life. Best Smartphone Apps

1 Second Everyday

These days it is easy to forget the true value of the little things in life, given our obsession with making money and career goals. But 1 Second Everyday helps you keep a memento of the best things about your life. The app lets you record 1 second of your activity every day, whether going for a morning jog or playing with the neighbor’s dog. At the end of the week, year, or month, check out your 1 Second Everyday videos and be reminded of how beautiful your life really is.


Passwords are increasingly more complicated and difficult to remember these days. You need strong passwords with alphanumeric characters, and you also need different passwords for each account you own. This makes remembering all your passwords virtually impossible. Unless you have the iPassword app that takes away the stress of having to commit all your different passwords to memory. The app stores all your passwords, so all you have to remember is your iPassword password.  


If you’re finding it difficult to manage all your chores, work tasks, and errands, you’re not the only one. Our lives are so fast-paced and so cluttered it can get difficult to keep track. But Trello creates simple yet engaging to-do lists, charts, and checklists to help you manage your day better and get more done.


Its 2020 and most of the stigma surrounding mental health belongs in the past decade. But that doesn’t mean people don’t struggle with mental problems every day. HAPPY allows you to chat with people who are suffering through the same mental issues as you are. It revolutionizes the way people can communicate and get support in times of stress, depression, and anxiety.


Busy work life? Packing on the pounds? No time to go to the gym? No problem! Freelectics is a personal trainer app that gives you customized workout and diet plans. It also shows you how to exercise at home or in the office without needing weights or gym equipment.

Woven Calendar

If you’re tired of your silo-like smartphone calendar, a switch to Woven Calendar may be just what you need. The app allows you to consolidate your calendars in one place. Coordinate and schedule individual, family, or business events all in the same dashboard from your smartphone.


Are you the kind of person that has difficulty in sticking to a set routine or adding new aspects to it? If yes, then you should check out Habitify. All you have to do is input your daily routine and schedule. The app will automatically send you alerts and notifications to keep you on track throughout the day.


This is one of the most versatile apps I have ever seen. Do you have problems sleeping? Brainwave can help. Can’t concentrate? Brainwave can fix that. Can’t seem to work? Try downloading Brainwave. The app uses ambient sounds and waves to put you in a better frame of mind for whatever you are trying to do.


Given how fast our lives move, and how involved we are in them, it is easy to lose sight of our own mortality. Nobody lives forever, and this is something Wecroak helps you remember. It might seem dark, but a daily reminder of the fragility and mortality we have as humans serves a great purpose. Learn to appreciate life with Wecroak.


Do you like making compelling visuals but lack any grounding in graphic design or art? Don’t worry, Canva is just the app for you. It comes with hundreds of templates, designs, and design elements that let you craft engaging posts, banners, flyers, and much more. All without needing any experience in design.


Asana is a project and workflow management app that has become extremely popular over the last couple of years. You can assign tasks to specific people and follow up on their progress. You can assign different team members to different projects and keep track of who is doing what. On the whole, for business executives, Asana is a must-have.


Are you a budding bookworm? Looking for your next favorite book? Goodreads is the perfect app for booklovers to connect and share their favorite reads. Find the perfect book to read, or share your choice with other people. Goodreads is one of the finest apps and communities for literature buffs.


Want the best fitness app to go with your wearable fitness tech? WHOOP may be just what you need. The app tracks metrics like daily exertion, recovery time, and rest. WHOOP takes out the stress from convincing yourself that you need to rest and live healthily. It simply reminds you when you’re taking it too hard and recommends that you take a break.

Insight Timer

Insight timer is one of the most customizable apps of its kind. It has a vast collection of music and meditation exercises that can help you in almost any situation. Whether you’re having a panic attack, trouble sleeping, or problems motivating yourself, Insight Timer can help. It lets you apply comprehensive filters to find just the right combination you need.


Trying to read more but not succeeding? Get distracted by your smartphone every two seconds? Why not combine the two? OverDrive allows you to link your library card with the app. This then gives you access to tons of ebooks and audiobooks that you can read (or listen to) on your smartphone. Use your screen addiction in a way that benefits you.

Daily Yoga

Weightlifting and cardio aren’t the only roads to fitness. Daily Yoga contains hundreds of yoga exercises and poses starting from beginners level and going up to advanced or expert yoga training. The app allows you to choose your goals and the frequency of your yoga lessons. Get fit in your own time the way you want!

Waking Up

Do you frequently have problems trying to concentrate on your meditation? Do intrusive thoughts like streaming Netflix on your Cox internet constantly distract you? Waking Up is an app designed to help people like you with their meditation exercises. Each 10-minute session contains thoughtful and insightful nuggets of wisdom that help you achieve something close to Zen. You’ll be surprised how quickly you get used to it. Did you find this ‘Smartphone Apps‘ article useful?

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