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Mobile Payment Market May See a Big Move

ReportCrux Market Research has published a new report titled “Mobile Payment Market by Payment Mode (Remote Payment, and Proximity Payment); by Technology (NFC, Digital Wallet, WAP & Card-Based, SMS-Based/DCB, Banking Based App, QR Code, and Others); by Application (BFSI, Entertainment, Energy & Utilities, IT & Telecom, Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality &


Phones Squeezing More Specifications and Features in Less Price

Few years ago, you had to dig deep into your pocket to buy a smartphone with top-of-the-line features and specifications. Brands like Apple, Samsung and LG pulled ahead of the competition, and by offering premium flagship products, they guaranteed high-end features. However, for the average consumer to buy these high-end

Most Expensive Phones

Most expensive phones in 2020

As a reason for this principle, some substantial companies are involved in manufacturing Mobile phones. They are too busy in constructing digital devices as they bring out every new gadget following with a few matters of principles. As a matter of principle, the number of mobile phone industries is increasing

itel vision 1

itel Vision 1 Review: Specifications

itel Vision 1 is the latest smartphone offering from the brand. As the company majorly focuses on entry-level smartphones and feature phones, they know how to fit in just the right amount of features and stick to a lower price point. The latest Vision 1 brings a fingerprint sensor, dual-camera

Best 5G phones

Best 5G Phones That You Can Buy

As you all know, Best 5G phones are popping up all over the word or in India. These phones are the next generation of cellular phones and if you want to purchase the latest 5G phone then you might be wondering about the latest 5G smartphones. If you want to

Iphone SE vs one plus 8

iPhone SE vs Oneplus 8

iPhone SE vs Oneplus 8: are you a gadget lover then you can’t deny watching the specifications of two brilliant-brand Phones I phone SE vs oneplus 8 that are recently launched in the market? Its great news for all the phone-seekers to grabs the versatile beauty at such affordable cost.

How to setup Netgear N300
How to

How to setup Netgear N300

If you are looking the netgear nighthawk router setup then you are in right place. we have a expert and professional technician for your help. You can communicate with him through chat. You can discuss quires that related to router and they would provide you best solutions how to solve

Smartphones Technology

The advancement of technology through the years: Smartphones

Think about the launch of a product, any product. Now think of all the changes that have been followed through overtime in order to make sure that the product grows to be the best it can be, while still being in touch with its core technology. We’ve seen the growth

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