SMAX Sells the Best Dessert E-Liquid Flavor Online

People who enjoy vaping are always looking for the flavors that compliment their lifestyle and tastes. SMAX knows after a meal or just hanging out is the perfect time to enjoy the smooth, sophisticated flavor of the Best Dessert E-Liquid Flavor.

So Much Flavor

When it’s time to refresh your palate and enjoy a smooth, easy after-meal flavor, there’s nothing like a nice dessert. No one sells a better group of Dessert E-Liquid flavors than SMAX. Here are the flavors everyone loves after a meal (or anytime):

  •  Espresso with Italian Cake and Cream – Mafia Princess
  •  Mocha Latte with Caramel and Toffee – Mo Mocha
  •  Chocolate with Graham Crackers and Marshmallow – Sammie Puffs
  •  Strawberry Frappe with a hint of Espresso – Feelin’ Frappie
  •  Lime Cake with a Lemon Drizzle – She’s A Dime

Each of these flavors is available individually or in a Dessert Bundle (Mafia Princess + Sammie Puffs + She’s A Dime) which saves money.

There’s More, Much More

Sure, a lot of folks enjoy a nice dessert flavor after a meal but they don’t want the calories that come with it. That’s why SMAX has developed even more flavors to tantalize the tongue:

  •  Passionfruit, Pineapple, and Orange – Good Vibes flavor
  •  Peaches and Cream – Lick It flavor
  •  Strawberries and Raspberries – Pony On Acid flavor
  •  Creamy Butterscotch and Danish Pastry – Danish Dreams flavor

The flavors can be purchased together in a Bundle of three flavors which saves over buying each individually.

Hard to Choose But Easy to Enjoy

SMAX sells their E-Liquid flavors in single packs of 30ml liquid, bundles of three 30ml bottles, and in sets of four 30ml bottles. There is also the new 100ml bottle for those who know what they want and want a lot of it. All of the products come in the medical grade Super Tubes which are easy to handle and can go in pocket or purse or backpack with ease.

Formulated to Please

When SMAX develops a flavor, they put a lot of time and energy into getting the ingredients and recipe just right. Customers let the company know what they think of the products and those reviews and ratings are on the website at On the website, customers can learn about how SMAX formulates their flavors to create the best Dessert E-Liquid flavor and all the other amazing flavors they offer.

Customer Service That Cares About Customers

If there is every any question or issue which a customer might encounter, they can go to the website or they can call 408-896-8972 and speak with the excellent customer service staff. Customers can tell us what they think of the products and make suggestions or solve any problems they may be having.

Take A Look and You Will Be Surprised

When customers go to the website and start looking around, they’re surprised at how much information there is not only about SMAX’s Dessert and other flavors, but also information about apparel available from SMAX, news and information about E-Liquids and vaping. There are specials and also a Rewards Program for returning customers to take advantage of as well as a section for folks interested in buying at the Wholesale level.

The Added Little Extra You Don’t Pay Extra For

For all customers who order $30 or more in products, SMAX has Free Shipping. The overall value of purchasing the best Dessert E-Liquid flavor or any other flavor from SMAX is hard to deny. Good prices, excellent products, and free shipping is a hard deal to beat. Customers can purchase Gift Cards on the website as well as take advantage of seasonal special pricing. There’s even an FAQ section that helps beginners get started vaping. It’s all there and it’s all good.

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