Social Walls for any Occasion and Its Amazing Benefits

Social Walls for any Occasion – Can we deny the fact that we don’t give much attention to something very ordinary and need something above-average to engage with?

That’s the reality.

We need something extraordinary to engage and entertain with. Similarly, when we move to an event, we only remember those things that stop our eyes but not anything else.

Social Walls like Instagram hashtag slideshow in events are something that can stop your eyes and keep them stuck for longer as well.

But what are Social media walls?
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Well physically, social media walls are digital screens which usually consist of social media content, advertisements not necessarily but sometimes yes, and anything that represents and is intended to promote the brands.

Often, social media aggregators like Taggbox, which are capable of fetching content from social media, and displaying it on events or embedding it on websites, are also known as social media walls or social walls. 

However, the earlier definition is more appropriate.

There are multiple benefits of incorporating social media aggregation tools in events which are described afterward in this blog. Before that, let us understand what does ‘social media aggregation’ mean?

‘Social media aggregation means to aggregate or collect content from different social media networks, and moderate or filter it for a perfect collection to be displayed or embedded on events or websites respectively.’

Now when we have a basic idea about social media walls, we can move onto the benefits-

Vogue representation makes your event memorable

Deploying big screens in events and showcasing social media content on them gives a vogue look to your event. Usually, not every event have such fashionable screens with user-generated content on it.

Thus, the idea is not only beneficial for brands but also is a recognition factor for event organizers.

UGC on social media wall keeps the audience engaged

User-generated content is something that is completely generic in nature. There is no manipulation in it, and that is why it is most liked by the audience.

The progress goes in this way, that initially, a user engages with a particular brand and randomly uploads a visual on social media with any hashtag, location tag, or any keyword related to the brand.

Social media aggregator now fetches that content, moderates it to check if it is appropriate to display on a screen or not, and then it uses it to display in the events.

Now, what happens after that is, the random user might see himself on the big screen and can get a public acquaintance, which keeps him excited for such engagements even further. Whereas the brand that is tagged/mentioned on that visual also got an indirect global promotion. 

Thus, what we can inculcate from this, is that the user engagement rises with this approach.

Builds a unique brand image 

Once you get the user-generated content displayed in events, it will provide a separate brand image to those brands that are getting displayed.

The reason being, not every brand gets an opportunity to be displayed on such a wide platform, with a customer visible on it. That shows the confidence of a brand that is welcoming its customers’ content and displaying their generated content openly.

Raise your sales

As far as an eCommerce business is concerned, the brands that incorporate social media aggregation tools get indirect promotion through their user-generated content in events, and that surely results in higher user engagement.

And one can not deny the fact that the higher the user engagement, the higher will be the sales.


Social media walls are one of the latest trends that every event organizer keeps in his strategy. As far as digital marketers are concerned, it is equivalent for them to keep the website engaging as for the event organizers to keep the event full of audience.

Social media aggregation tools like Taggbox are capable of fulfilling both the above demands. They can aggregate the content from any social media network, be it Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, moderates it on the preference of the organizer.

Also, they allow to even modify the layout of the content so as to look attractive and interactive.

With UGC platforms like Taggbox, you can not only display the social media walls in events but also can embed it on your eCommerce website and keep the event and website both engaging simultaneously. 

Thus, there are many more humble benefits of having social media walls in events, it is just about how early and effectively an event organizer utilizes it and enjoy its undying benefits.

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