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Studying abroad sounds interesting and at the same time makes one excited to move abroad.  But it is not as easy as it sounds. One should be very alert, both before taking the admission and right after he/she has sought an admission. Indian students decide to study abroad because of a lot of reasons. One reason for moving abroad is to study medicine as being a doctor in India is still one of the prestigious and respected professions. No doubt that the Indian medical curriculum is much more structured and theoretically sound than that of any other country. Yet students from India travel for MBBS in Abroad. In this world of competition, where 15 lakhs students wrote NEET examination in 2019 and are fighting for approximately only 60,000 seats, the students have to keep 2nd option ready. And for most of these students, the 2nd option becomes the 1st option in no time because of low education cost, seat availability, quality education, and international exposure.  Some choose to pursue MBBS in abroad as a result of low NEET scores whereas others choose it due to the insufficiency of funds to pay heavy fees of private colleges in India.

As the students move ahead, they have choices of countries to choose from like China, Russia, Tajikistan, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia and a lot more.  As mentioned before, choosing to study MBBS abroad is easy but choosing where to study is not easy. One should make a note of all the do’s and don’ts before choosing to study abroad.

  • Country of your choice
  • Budget
  • University location
  • Medium of instruction
  • Country’s economy & infrastructure
  • An authorized university representative

Comprehensive homework should be done keeping all points in mind. Once you have done this homework you will be in a position to raise any question and gather the right information.

MBBS in China stands out the topmost choice among students as well as the parents. The duration for study mbbs in china is 5+1 years including 5 years of medical study and 1 year of internship. The internship done in China is valid in India and students can appear for MCI/FMGE examination during their internship program as well. China has a low university fee pattern and also offers students to study on a scholarship. The medium of instruction in 45 medical universities in China is English medium. Also to notice, all these universities are government universities offering MBBS in China and are listed in MCI. Therefore, the students who are not able to get a government seat in India directly move for study mbbs in china. A well-developed country provides good infrastructure, technologically sound labs and classrooms, modern facilities to students. As a known fact, the country has vast developed resources and does not depend on any other means of income. As a result, the living cost is China is also very low. China is a neighboring country. So, the parents who do not want to send students to a far off land choose for MBBS in China for their wards. China experiences a variety of climate. It varies from location to location but in most parts, it is suitable for Indians to adapt to the environment.

Unlike China, MBBS in Russia, MBBS in Belarus, MBBS in Georgia, MBBS in Armenia, and MBBS in Ukraine is a 6-year degree course. The students will have to take up an internship in India and that too only after successfully clearing MCI/FMGE examination. Since these countries are in the North to India, the temperature is colder than China. Similarly, MBBS in Kazakhstan & MBBS in Tajikistan is a 5-year degree course but internship has to be done in India after passing the MCI/FMGE examination. It should be noted here, that the local language is to be learned in all the countries to interact with the patients. In all, the course duration is for all these countries are higher than that of China. MBBS in China is a popular option for this one reason too where students save their time, money and efforts.

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