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WELCOME TO DESIBUZZCanada – Canada’s Leading South Asian News Canada

 Founded in 2016 by award-winning journalist and filmmaker R. Paul Dhillon, DESIBUZZCanada is a premiere Canadian news-editorial-politics-entertainment magazine. With an ever growing and expanding readership, the publication is aimed at the Canadian and worldwide diverse South Asian Diaspora and beyond to the mainstream readers as an information and cultural bridge.

DESIBUZZCanada was founded with a purpose to serve the next generation of South Asian readers who are looking for in-depth news and views as well as features and entertainment from an experienced team of journalism and media professionals.

DESIBUZZCanada team is very serious about their news and you don’t have to look further than their slogan: Hard Hitting News (India News in Canada) That Matters.

 “Lot of the news in the South Asian media is watered down or stripped to the bone, that’s not DESIBUZZCanada. We wanted to create a news magazine that really tells it like it and isn’t afraid to tell the truth even if it means ruffling some feathers as our readers deserve the truth,” explains Paul Dhillon.

Desi Canadians – is not all serious, they also feature entertaining features on local rising stars from the music, film, community and sports fields as well as a regular Comics Strip and educational and informative opinion and editorial pieces.

The leading news magazine is also part of the new digital era of online news organizations which are creating new ways for businesses to market themselves in the new social media marketing era, providing advertisers to bring their message directly to readers through paid business profiles as well as website Ads and Embedded Ads right into the news posts which reach thousands o f readers online, through email and social media distribution of the stories.

A lot of traditional print advertisers are trying to make the transition to advertise with online newspapers but are unsure about doing so as they are used to seeing their ADS printed in newspapers and delivered to the market. That mode of advertising, similar to flyers by retail stores, had it’s day and time and were very effective. But you have to move on with the times and online publications like Indo-Canadians  provide the perfect and very effective outlet to advertisers in the digital era to reach their target markets.

DESIBUZZCanada provides advertisers Embedded Ads, which are the most effective way to reach online readers. Print is fine but online is where the action is and Embedded Ads right into online stories is the best way for advertisers to communicate their products and services directly to their clients.

Using this method, Diversity Marketing in Canada can direct Ads to posts that they know will reach a certain type of readership like Breaking News, features and general news stories of interest. This is much more effective way to advertise than print. The news magazine charges $400 and up for various monthly packages which is very cost effective where as other media forms like Magazines,( Ethnic News in Canada) Radio and TV charge much higher with little proof that the ADs are actually reaching the number of people they claim it is reaching as those services have no concrete measurement data like online.

So what are you waiting for  – check out DESIBUZZCanada at  and call or email us about advertising, business profiles, media marketing, Public Relations (PR) and news release writing and distribution at or 604-880-3463.

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