Stay Assured in Times of Crisis with a Reliable Order Taking Call Center


The preference of ecommerce is rising at a constant rate. People no longer wish to go outside for making purchases. They would rather order from the comfort of their homes, using the apps stored in their ever-reliable smartphones. For a business to succeed in the ecommerce biz, a robust web-based portal is a fundamental requirement. But it is not the summum bonum of ecommerce. There are other elements in the supply chain that play an integral role e.g. warehouses, people in charge of the warehouses, shipping services, delivery boys, maintenance personnel etc. All these elements need to cohesively interact with each other for ensuring the desired results. And, in scenarios where there are disputes or lack of coordination between these departments, there has to be someone who can resolve the issues for the aggrieved customers. And that someone, for most businesses is an order taking call center.

Order Taking Call centers: The Anchor of Businesses

In turbulent times when things go bad, an order taking all center can serve as an anchor that keeps the ship afloat. Below are some essential attributes of a reliable order taking call center:

Agents with patience and attention to detail

Order taking call center is mostly used by customers who are not well-versed with online trade. These customers can be elderly people or the ones who hardly use online services. These people might not be able to provide all the information clearly and hence, it is important that the agents help them fill the gaps. It is essential that you have agents who are patient, so that they do not get irritated due to lack of competency of the callers.

Hands-on management

To ensure that call center operations are always performed up to the expectations, you need to have veteran TLs, managers and QAs. Every member of the management needs to supervise its scope with great dedication. For example, the QAs should find chinks in the armor of call-taking agents and provide the necessary and timely feedback. The same way the TLs and managers need to keep the whole team motivated, so that they perform to the best of their abilities.

Analytics-powered CRM for understanding customers better

While an order taking services is mostly used for taking orders, there are many calls that are made because of technical errors, order incompletion and other system failures. For an agent, it is very important to have some idea of the whole customer experience. Information about past customer issues is a precious commodity, and every customer-facing rep needs it for keeping the callers satisfied. An AI-powered CRM extracts information from the vast data received via customer contacts. And then, it generates insights that allow agents to be proactive on the calls and provide a better customer service experience to the users. 

Scalability to match up to unforeseen requirements

In a crisis situation, it is very much likely that your order taking call center will receive more contacts than normal. For example, in times of a pandemic like the corona virus situation faced in 2020, the number of callers might increase beyond imagination. At times like these, you need to have a staff that can be scaled to meet up to the requirements.At Vcare, we run several call center departments and have a large  number of agents on our payroll. We are prepared to scale our operation to any level and meet the requirements of ecommerce businesses with our reliable order taking all center outsourcing solutions. 


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