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A great scientist – Stephen Hawking   is no more with Us, we can’t pay Him enough tribute as His contribution was more than any other physicist and we can’t thank Him enough for his invaluable gifts to humanity.

He was Little Einstein

A man who changed entire history of Physics, and we were so lucky to have Him as part of Humanity, but what now, now we just have his theories but not Him. Stephen Hawking – 1942 to 2018, will we miss him?

Stephen Hawking
Tech Reviews of Stephen Hawking has become a history now

14 March 2018 – Last day of Stephen Hawking

Achievements of Stephen Hawking

  • Presidential Award 2009
  • Copley Medal 2006
  • Albert Einstein Medal 1979
  • Albert Einstein Award 1978
  • Franklin Medal
  • Gold Medal of Royal Astronomical Society 1985
  • Hughes medal 1976
  • Eddington Medal – 1975
  • Addams Prize
  • Fonseca Prize 2008
  • Maxwell’s Prize
  • Special Breakthrough Prize
  • Dirac Medal 1987

And what not, His contribution to the Humanity was beyond any medal, and we can’t thank Him enough for the great contributions that he made during His life time.

His full name was – Stephen William Hawkings

He was Famous as : Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist

He was from : British

Age at the death : 76

Where Stephen William Hawkings?

He was born in Oxford, his father was – Frank Hawking and mother Isobel Hawking and His Siblings – Edward Hawking, Mary Hawking, Philippa Hawking. Yes He was Married and His spouse/ Ex spouse  – Elaine Manson (1995–2006), Jane Wilde (1965–1995).

Where did Stephen William Hawkings?

He died in Cambridge , England

Actual the great scientist was suffering from Diseases & Disabilities: Quadriplegia

And He could not even speak with us while He was alive, He contributed his work using technology and now we can afford greater technology, but not Him. We have really lost Him, its a sad moment for science, Physics and nothing could be more sad than this, that the entire humanity is under His debt.

Please leave your views or respect towards sir Stephen William Hawking ———Comment RIP Stephen William Hawkings

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