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Reviews of tech and trends on LTR magazine Stop Asking for Permissions Stop Asking for Permissions | Make it Happen | Start making money right now. It is because it is you who have to start it and make the thing happen. And if you are not going to do it, no one in the world is going to do it for you. You will loose badly and only regret will left in your life.

Are you happy with that?

Really? It is because right now you may be Young or energetic but soon after few years, you are going to be old and alone. What then? Who will be there for you? And who will help you in your way to living or survival?

Hold on!

Make it happen before its too late

Laziness is the biggest disease in our life and if you don’t have the will to accomplish something then you are going to fail for sure. And no one will ever wonder that you ever existed. It is because no one cares at all, and why would anyone be with you?

Tell me- “Regret is the biggest problem with most of the human beings” And it is tough to tell you that 80% of old people in the world are in a regret that they might have done so many things in their young age. But…

Stop Asking for Permissions | Make it Happen- LTR magazine

Are you afraid of telling people about your dreams?

Think again, because you are not going to live this life again and this road of life is only one way. So, “Excitement of getting success should be more than the fear of failure”.

Still you don’t believe in yourself? right?

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Relax, you might find these useful-Stop Asking for Permissions

  • Unlearn the education that you have gathered through your life, it is because it will get you no where.
  • Try to learn new things that might be interesting and useful to you and the society.
  • Be the change you want to see in the world.
  • Stop being lazy, start writing your goals and make that F*** thing happen, because ” you thing you have time, but you don’t.”
  • If you fail now, you will never succeed ever again, Care for time more than the money.
  • Stop Asking for Permissions- Just Do it , now.

How to become the “Richest person” in future

  1. Start Up: It is time of start Ups and if you have creative idea about solving the biggest problems in the world then yes, you can become Rich. And make sure you are part of problem solving groups.
  2. Business: Join the business which is in the direction of solving problems related to society or health
  3. Create: If you can create something like- App, website or device that can help people immensely.

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