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It is a very common phrase that ‘I want to get Success in my life’ but don’t know how. And now in 2017 it has become more common, when every thing is available on the internet. But what is Success? does success has same meaning for all living being on earth? Let us read more and understand the proper meaning of Success and learning how to achieve it, of course with some efforts. 

Latest Technical Reviews of Success in 2017: Some most common proved methods that every successful person, companies and countries share are going to be explained in this article.

Success Stories

  1. Win Win
    A farmer was poor but he was wise enough to educate his sons. He had three sons who always quarrel with each other and blames other for their own mistakes. Farmer used to do farming for living and want his sons to help him so he could grow more crops to save some money. Somehow he convinced  them to work with him in the field.
    One day when they were working in the field then first son took leave pretending he had stomach ache, second son also took rest pretending he was hungry. But the third son kept on working and completed his work.
    In the evening when the farmer asked them what they had learned from that days work then third son replied and told him about his days work. The Farmer gave him some money as reward and asked all of them to work hard.
    [Moral: Win Win situation happens when you work and participate]
  2. The Poorest Billionaire
    Success mean Money, lots of money rather and a poor beggar in a village thinks the same. He goes house to house, shop to shop and beg for food and money. When he comes back to his shelter after begging, he stores his begged food and money in a pot and hangs that pot near his bed. And When is checks the size of pot then he realizes that the pot still has some space left to fill. He felt very depressed and went back to beg more food and money. He did more begging and asked people for mercy to give him lots of food and money, but when he used to fill the pot it seemed to be a little empty every time. So he kept on filling the pot and after several days of efforts, finally he was successful in filling the pot.
    One day when he was sleeping, he had a dream that his village was facing drought and no one had left with food and every villager was standing before his hut. Villagers were asking him to help them with his food. He felt like the poorest billionaire among them and in the dream he kicked a villager and asked them to go away. Alas! When he woke up the next day, he found his pot broken into pieces and realized what he did in his sleep.
    [moral: Never be the Poorest Billionaire]
  3. The First Trillionaire
    Bill gates may soon become the first trillionaire but his success story is not known to every one. Write his success story in your style and lets know so LTR may publish it under your name.

Success Quotes

"To start any work is like to breathe in open air
but to complete it is like to breathe in no air.

“Success is counted by how many days you lived
not by how many days you spent.”

“If wish to get Success, Go get it
because no one else will do if for you.”

“Die for your dreams or don’t even dream.”

Don’t do this if you want Success

If success was so easy to get then this earth would be full of successful people, but it is not. So in 2017 you should consider this thing and don’t do this; Bad Communication. Even if you are communicating partial truth, you are on the side of bad communication. So read these simple methods to learn the art of conversation because it helps you in almost all things in life  and can get you Success in your life.

  • Go on with Compliment
  • Small talk
  • Ask Questions as much as you can
  • Humble and Nice behavior while you talk
  • Let him speak
  • Keep things light and no Judgements are needed


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