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No matter if you are a businessman, office worker, or an avid movie streamer, it’s most likely that you will completely rely on a laptop. Although not hooked up to an outlet, Laptop Batteries last just so long before you hit your charger again. We’ve compiled quite a few tricks and trips for your convenience to learn how to prolong your laptop’s battery life without any hassle.

Assess Your Applications

Laptop run programs in the background – very much like smartphones. With a number of applications running continuously, a battery of your laptop could cost you little power whether you use or not. So, check your downloaded software deeply on your laptop to stop happening this. When you find that an application drastically consumes electricity, consider removing it or at least turning it off when you don’t need it.

Make Changes in Battery Settings

As all laptop batteries degrade or weaken over time, the battery efficiency settings are included by most of the manufacturers worldwide. Battery output settings normally provide options for minimising a power necessary to perform certain tasks on your laptop with ease. Let us give you an example – a Windows laptop comes with a battery output slider to adapt its performance preferences. In the Energy Save Browser, you can find the same choices when it comes to Mac. Well, if a small number of features are ready to be sacrificed, this choice will help you save valuable juice.

Dim Screen Brightness

Almost every single laptop is capable of reducing a screen as well as the keyboard’s brightness. When you’re working in a bright environment already, consider the power of both choices dimming. In general, brightness or luminosity is designed to adapt automatically to your environment, so check twice to make sure your laptop’s brightness doesn’t work overtime.

Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

You can significantly reduce your laptop’s battery life by shutting off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi until unless you’re browsing a web actively. For instance, if you are writing content on a paper or performing a job on an app which doesn’t need data, then this tip would dramatically minimise the power. Like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are an important source of waste for a battery life of your laptop. To turn to “Off” is a simple way to conserve battery life if your current job doesn’t require a Bluetooth connection. Switch to Airplane Mode to easily disable both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modes for the time being.

Airplane Mode

Use of an Airplane mode is a smart move it can shut off your laptop’s wireless radios which will ultimately and automatically disable connections like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It’s considered to be the easiest way to save battery meaningfully when you work locally. So many laptops have an allocated function key, but you can also use your laptop’s Action Center to turn on airplane mode. Moreover, if you need Wi-Fi only, you can still use the Action Center to disable Bluetooth.

Good to Buy a Spare Battery

If you’re planning to travel or when you’re away from any outlet, it’s a smart move to go for a spare battery which is very much handy. However, you should be extra careful when it comes to buying spare batteries from non-listed or unknown brands. Your laptop’s manufacture is an excellent and most reliable source to get products from. In fact, laptop manufacturers often offer spare parts like batteries AC Adapter and others with higher capacities as compared to the ones installed in your laptop.

If by going over all above tricks and tips, you still suffer from poor battery life, chances are it’s now a time to go for a replacement battery or your laptop is suffering from many other issues. Well, if nothing helps, do let us know down in a comments section and we’ll strive hard to come up with an effective yet simple solution as soon as possible.

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