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IoT is a powerful technology in the truest sense of the word. It has an undeniable potential and an unbelievable outreach. IoT is spreading like wildfire in healthcare, automobile, insurance, agricultural and retail. It has already been implemented in efforts to fight deadly virus outbreaks, and is expected to deliver good results […]


The Internet has turned everyone’s existence upside down. It has brought in many of the revolutionary changes in the field of communication and connectivity. It has transformed the societies and today one can hardly find any field which has remained untouched by the internet technology. It has been embedded in […]


Influencer marketing is one of the greatest paths to rapidly construct your brand and increase awareness among the targeting customer. Now, it is established in the form of online marketing and it is the deed of endorsing and selling manufactured goods and services via effective influencer (people) who can have […]

I often advocate the use of mulches for your tomato garden. A good mulch used properly can be of great benefit. However, there are both good and bad barkings and right and wrong ways to apply them. Knowing the differences is crucial and getting mulching right will have a dramatic […]


In today’s world technology and business are running parallel to sustain in the market. Therefore, businesses with large wallets can afford to employ both mobile websites and apps. Organization might have to choose one of them according to the user’s need. The choice between mobile apps and websites totally depends […]

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