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Tech Reviews

Congratulation to Donald J Trump

LTR magazine with its latest technical reviews It is official now Donald J Trump has been elected as the new 45th President of United States

Tech Reviews

Ban on #Rs 500 & #Rs1000 in India

¬†Prime Minister of India, Latest technical Reviews     Biggest news in India and all you need to know is that india is going to

Tech Reviews

Why PM has banned #Rs500 & #Rs1000 rupee notes in India?

Your questions about the ban on Rs500 & Rs1000 rupee notes are here with the best possible answers. Team of LTR has found every possible

Tech Reviews

These #Rs500 and #Rs1000 currency notes will not be legal from mid night of 8th of November

The currency notes of Rs500 & Rs1000 are not legal any more, read technical review Yes, it is really a big news for people living

Tech Reviews

Samsung Washing machine technical reviews about recall

Technical Reviews South Korean based company is recalling almost 2.9 millions of its washing machines in the U.S. times. Washing machine recall will be another

Tech Reviews

Microsoft’s first desktop PC, LTR with technical reviews

First desktop PC unveiled by Microsoft Microsoft being the number one company in the world owned by the riches person-Mr Bill Gates, recently on Wednesday

Tech Reviews

LTR, Long term relationship with technical reviews

LTR means long term relations ships. But now a days it is very much popular that LTR stands for Latest technical Reviews. It is a

Tech Reviews

Technical Reviews,Why iPhone7Plus: the best smartphone you should buy in 2016

iPhone 7 and 7 plus, everything you need to know Latest iPhone 7 and  7 plus models, which promise water resistant bodies, longer battery performance,

Tech Reviews

On Wednesday, Final presidential debate

Such a Nasty Woman Mr. Trump said some thing like-“Such a nasty woman” during the debate on Wednesday and this sentence now has become hash

Tech Reviews

The Final Presidential debate heated up,Donald Trump v/s HillaryClinton

The Final Presidential debate heated up Debate between two strong candidates went on with some heat and each of them spoke so well to put