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Technology has shown drastic improvement over some decades, especially in the world of mobiles and computers. It can easily be understood by this simple fact that 20 years ago we need to communicate either with letters or with any slowest communication. But now we have devices which help you to communicate with anyone, anywhere and anytime in this whole world. Cell phones have shown some incredible technology development over these 8-10 years. Now we need n

ot to take camera with us while travelling. We can easily capture any photo with our smart phone. And we can never lose anywhere until we have smart phone, special thanks to google map.

Our latest tech reviews also do the same thing and you can discover more genuine gadgets from the internet world.

But this revolution of phone could never become possible without two giant companies GOOGLE and APPPLE because of their innovations of futuristic software and gadgets. Google as we all know is the

best search engine on the internet. GOOGLE launched ANDROID 5.0 lollipop and APPLE launched iOS 9. But their recent launch of ios10 has many features which are taken from android.


Android after launching several operating softwares launches this android 5.0 lollipop. The previous versions of android are:

  • Gingerbread
  • Honey comb
  • Ice cream sandwich
  • Jelly bean and last this

# The new material design

This is the first function you will see after updating your android phone. Your phone will entirely be changed after updating. The wallpaper will going to stylish but simple. It brings the clear and lighter look to your smart phone.

# New lock screen

Android 5.0 has totally different in features in comparison to its past updates. In this android you can see any kind of notification while having the screen locked. This awesome feature will save your time.

# Sensitive contents can be hidden

Now no more worries! This awesome feature is allowing you to decide that which content you want to show the person who is having your phone that time. This can easily be configured by going to settings click sounds and notification is followed by when device is lock.


You can find this option just pulling the upper slide down. If you do none in priority option it will disable all the notification even the alarm clock. And by selecting priority option it will only allow those notifications which you make settings for.

#adaptive brightness replaced auto brightness

This amazing feature will make the brightness according to the environment your phone set it. Now it has been replaced by auto brightness.

#iOS 9

Apple amazed ev

erybody by launching this amazing update. You too will get amazed after seeing the features in all new iOS9.

# Music responds by plugging in ear buds

This incredible feature will play music when we insert ear buds in our ears. Wow! You can easily listen to music without even unlocking your phone. Well done apple.

# Low power mode

This feature gives you the ability to extend your battery life. The phone will ask you to low power mode when its battery will go under 20% and then again on 10%. And once you charge it to 80% it will stop asking you.

# organize photos automatically in selfie folder

Welcome to this unique features. Now when you capture any photo from front camera it will automatically get adjusted in selfie folder. This feature is very unique and amazing if you are selfie enthusiast.

# San Francisco font

This awesome feature converts your whole eye I phone in sophisticated San Francisco font. This elegant font makes your phone your phone looks very royal.

And friends to know about the latest launch of ios10 please visit our next article in this blog and if you have your own reviews then do post in the comment box below and let the world know your best idea.


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