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Online world has become more powerful than ever before, we can enjoy anything just by few clicks from our finger tips. Online Casinos, yes, you read that right now casinos have come into your mobile phones. Online Casinos with virtual gaming platform are in trends, but very few of you may know what technologies are used in these casinos.  Gaming industry, especially mobile gaming has grown immensely in the last decade.

According to our study 56% of internet use was made by mobile users, in 2015 and that is one big reason of Casinos has come to this digital world as well.  You may not have started gambling on these online casinos but it is estimated that they have already become 100 billion dollar mobile games.

So, what technologies are used in Online Casinos?

Let’s understand the tech used for gambling, and the appeal behind digital casinos is convenience, accessibility, ease in use, mobility and integration of latest tech and including some high security features like Optical recognition, multiple security layers and random figure generators.

  • RTG : Real time gaming
  • OCR : Optical Character Recognition
  • RNG: Random Number Generator, latest technology embedded into online casinos
  • SSL : Secure socket layer, it has sensitive information like bank and personal details
  • Ultra security for Virtual Wallets
  • Virtual reality: since this technology has not been used fully, so we can expect more things to happen in virtual casinos using VR.
  • Real gambling Experience with immersive sensory experience

Technology used in Online Casinos | Reviews

Random number generation is based upon algorithm in which seed numbers are generated in very small time so every new user gets new RNG outcomes. For example, symbols used in video games like poker, slot games are based upon RNG. And payday is determined by pay table, don’t worry every trade and transaction done on these online casinos are monitored by various authorities like TST for technical testing, that is why players can be assured of high security.

It is for sure that digital casinos are using best tech in the world to lure more users on their gaming platform, but you should make sure you know these rules before investing your money on these sites, because gambling can make you rich and poor as well.

Want to know how online Casinos work?

Most of these games are written using C & C++ language and highly secured algorithm, large number of data storage capacities and yes, these digital casinos are good at it, this is one big reason behind their success.

Technology used in Gaming casinos
Technology used in Gaming casinos 2018



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