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Fastest Electric car – Roadster 2 is out now, and we can bet you you can’t take your hands away from the wheel as it can take you 100 miles in  just 1.9 seconds. Yes, it is the second installment of previous version of the sports car, electric car, by Tesla Inc. and we are not wrong if we say the only electric car company that is working hard in grabbing customers for their electric models.

Tesla, Space X and what not_ everything is being monitored under the supervision of CEO- Elon Musk, the man behind the huge success of Tesla, Space X, Giga Factory and what not. Yes we are talking about the same – Paypal guy : Elong Musk, but now in this article we are giving you reviews about its latest sports electric Car – Roadster 2. 


Tesla Roadster 2020 | Reviews
Tesla Roadster 2020


Tesla Roadster- 2 | Everything you need to know

Roadster has been Tesla’s first production car and selling this car, actually the company got huge money so they produced Model S and now Roadster 2 which takes just 1.9 seconds to reach 100 miles and can beat many gasoline powered cars. Actually it is a modification of existing sports car – Chassis, and now new Roadster 2.0 carries every thing that Tesla could embed into an electric sports car.

And its insanely quick-

Feature of Roadster 2.0

  • It takes 1.9 sec in reaching first qurter
  • Car has 3 motors, two at the back and one in the front wheels
  • Production will complete in 2020
  • Top speed of 250 miles per hour
  • Large batter pack i.e. 200 kWH

Price of Roadster 2.0

If you are willing to get your hands dirt with this sports car, you can deposit $50,000 for being in the waiting list and in total it will cost you $250,000 and yes it seems a lot of money, and you can buy it.

Who knows?

But this would be a proof of fastest electric car ever existed in the world.

Semi Truck by Tesla

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