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The best frsky transmitter for your rc/fpv Quadcopter- The hobby of entering FPV four axis aircraft can be quite daunting, especially because there are so many different components that you need, like goggles, frames, engines, propellers, electronics, antennas, batteries. Then there’s the choice of frequency, and finally make sure everything you buy is compatible!

Of all these things, however, nothing is more important than your frsky transmitter. Here is our shortlist of the best transmitters for your RC / FPV four axis aircraft:

Taranis x9d+

Taranis asked X7

Taranis X-Lite

Spektrum DX-9

Once you buy an old one, or if you have a new one, it will be better. And most things, like frames, engines, especially propellers, are bought over and over again. The best frsky transmitter for your rc/fpv Quadcopter, you may find this article useful.

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But one thing you’ll always use is your frsky transmitter.

If you are serious about hobbies, then invest in an appropriate transmitter. Think about it this way – if you sell your frsky transmitter cheaply, and then you have a $500 model flying in the air, its fate depends entirely on a cheap transmitter!

The best frsky transmitter for your rc/fpv Quadcopter, did you find this article useful?

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