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The best smartwatches you can buy in 2020- When it comes to taking care of your health or simplifying functions in a practical way, a smartwatch becomes that essential gadget for you.

Curious, at least, that in full trend of replacing a traditional watch with the smartphone, smartwatches not only come to solve their usual role but also add certain characteristics that give it an extraordinary utility.

In this way, smartwatches are raised as multifunctional gadgets that, depending on their price range and their usefulness, will serve to monitor your health, help you with your training, link with other gadgets in your home through voice assistants such as Alexa, from Amazon, or become an extension of your mobile phone.

A compliment, or substitute for activity bracelets, according to your needs, that once you try it, you will not want to take it off your wrist.

Best cheap smartwatch | The best smartwatches you can buy in 2020

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Bip

Amazfit Bip by Xiaomi

Although its name may confuse a newcomer to smartwatches and think that it is an Amazon product, the truth is that this economic and efficient model belongs to the Chinese firm of Xiaomi.

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It is the best smartwatch for pixel 3 that you can buy thanks to its features and benefits.

In addition to collecting the usual health metrics, it has a more powerful battery than many of its competitors and with a transflective screen that performs outstandingly outdoors, even on sunny days.

The best option to get in touch with smartwatches or if you have a limited budget and want a model with an autonomy of up to almost a month.

Best smartwatch for men and sports

Huawei Watch GT 2


Huawei Watch GT 2

Although it dispenses with Wear Os, the truth is that Huawei has done a great job with the second version of its smartwatch.

Not only does it provide great precision in the taking of constants and a  battery of up to 25 days, but it allows multiple actions such as receiving calls or listening to music from the phone to which it is linked.

Its only defect is that at the moment it does not allow to manage the rest of notifications actively, nor to link to home automation.

The best, the possibility of having a leather strap and a plastic one that allows us to wear it when doing sports or during a formal meeting.

Of course, the dial is a bit large for a woman’s wrist, so it is a watch that dresses a man better.

If in your case you do not have a Huawei mobile, then the ideal alternative for you is a Garmin smartwatch, which allows you to pay using NFC.

Of the models that this brand puts at your disposal, highlight the Forerrunner 735XT for triathletes, or the Garmin Vivoactive 3 if you are looking for a cheap fit watch at below 200 euros.

The best alternative to Apple Watch

Amazfit GTS Smartwatch

Amazfit GTS

This is the iOS version of the Xiaomi smartwatch. It is certainly a cheap alternative to the model of the bitten apple and that in terms of functionalities does not make a notable difference.

It has up to 12 sport modes, and the battery reaches 14 days of use. Now, if you have an Apple ecosystem and want to continue betting on the firm, the best model you can buy is the Apple Watch Series 5.

This watch has the Siri assistant, 16GB of storage and a much longer autonomy than the previous model.

The best smartwatch for women quality/price

Verse 2

Fitness Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit has specialized in the field of health within this type of wearables, or “wearables

This Fitbit model has a Lite version, cheaper, and also compatible with its Fitbit Pay payment system.

Now, if something stands out Fitbit Versa 2 is in its features because it has a very high-quality screen and is compatible with Alexa.

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Also, this Fitbit has a measurement focused on women Amazon since it can control the menstrual cycle, among other functions.

As for its size, it fits a female doll better than a man’s. The best smartwatches you can buy in 2020, did you find this article useful?



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