The best upcoming Technology in the World

Technology has always been a greater part of our life, and we could not resist the use of latest technology launched every year, every day rather. The best upcoming Technology in the World can give you goosebumps or may thrill your mind, perhaps you might not have thought about something like these-

  • Future of Drone- Youtube
  • Space travel on daily routine, yes Elon Musk has already confirmed it, that daily trips will be possible for everyone and you and I can go into space as on a routine basis. Cool no!
  • Wireless electricity: perhaps we have heard of wireless charging but now experiments are being conducted on give you power supply using wireless technology.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Perhaps you might have heard of it, but what would the future of AI, no one knows. In fact people are afraid that AI can give you a totally different future, either better than our imagination or worse than our the worst nightmare.
  • Future of Online business: actually after the popularity of, Amazon, Flipkart… everyone out there is busy in creating their own online stores and if this competition remains like this, then online market will be more busy than human race. Population is growing faster than ever before and everything will be online, soon.  Are you afraid ?
  • Who will be the next “the Number one richest man on earth? ” Bill gates may not be future the riches man, because things are changing everyday and people have become smarter than ever before. It is a time of cut throat competition and who will win in this technology race, will be told by the time itself.

Here are some reviews of latest technology in the world ( The best upcoming Technology in the World )

Isn’t it cool?

Can you beat that technology?

Reviews of latest technology 2018 are-

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