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Simply put, deal flow involves all of the investment opportunities available to a venture capitalist or private equity firm at any given time. Though private equity dealsand venture capitalist deals can have different implications for each of these investors, they do require the same level of management and efficiency. Companies that exist purely for the purpose of selling may have many Customer Relationship Management systems at their disposal. Private equity and venture capitalist firms, on the other hand, may not truly benefit from these kinds of systems, since they are in the business of investing. Because of this, it is absolutely essential that these industries be able to rely on specialized deal flow management software in order to stay on top of their deals and opportunities.

Deal flow management involves a significant amount of admin and data entry – a characteristic that often leads to its neglect. However, maintaining structured data and records is a crucial key to the success of all investment ventures. This allows firms to source more quality deals that result in higher returns. Without deal flow management, it would be extremely difficult to make informed decisions on private equity deals and venture capitalist portfolio companies.

How can deal flow management softwarehelp?

Centralizing Data

Deal flow management software can provide a centralized database for investment firms, which in turn makes it easier for teams to collaborate. With individuals having digital access to this searchable data center, they do not have to spend time searching through documents or files for information on the progress of deals. Individuals are also able to see what interactions have been had with who, effectively removing communication silos. This is one of the many ways these systems improve efficiency and increase accountability within an establishment. 


As a CRM system, a deal flow management system also allow individuals to set helpful reminders for follow ups, meetings, and even introductions in order to avoid missed opportunities. In this way, the system plays an essential role in maintaining meaningful relationships with key stakeholders.

Pipeline Tracking

What sets deal flow management software apart from general and sales-focused CRM systems is its ability to address issues that are specific to closing venture capitalist and private equity deals. Pipeline tracking is directly related to the efficiency of deal flow. These systems are able to give a complete overview of where each deal stands in the pipeline, allowing for efficient deal flow and organization. Users can use lists to see new deals, deals under review, and potential deals that require follow ups.

Time Saving

Overall, systems that manage deal flow save time. From cutting down the hours spent on data entry, to the minutes spent digging through files, as well as improving team communication, the potential is abundant. These time-saving capabilities are particularly evident when it comes to data entry. With an automated system that aggregates contacts from emails, calls and other interactions, there is no longer a need to manually create contact lists.

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