The Lowest Price Isn’t Always The Best Deal- What To Look For In An Outsourcer

As consumers, we are trained to make choices based upon price, but this instinct can get us into trouble when we’re looking for outsourcing partners! Often, the lowest priced option is not the best. When it comes to partnering with an outsourcer, there are plenty of things that you need to look at that go far beyond cost.

When you’re trusting a company to be the voice that your customers hear on the phone, it is imperative that they have your best interests at heart. Let us fill you in on what really matters when it comes to finding the best outsourcers!

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Look For Outsourcers That Can Grow With You

 Perhaps the outsourcer in question seems great on paper for where you are with your business at the moment, but do they have the bandwidth to be able to grow with you? Typically businesses go through growth spurts and slow times. That’s just the nature of the game. If your outsourcer is not prepared to grow with your company at the rate you need them to, they are not a good fit.

There are plenty of ways to determine whether or not a potential outsourcer can scale with you effectively. Is their staff trained to deal with complicated or quick-moving projects? Do they understand the ins and outs of your business? Can more resources be added quickly if needed? The last thing that you want to happen is for your outsourcer to come up short at a time when you need them the most.

(v)WeCare is uniquely positioned to grow with your business. We have plenty of resources that we can mobilize at a moments notice and sophisticated methods in place for tracking service performance. That way we can make sure that our people are always performing on their “A Game” so that your customers are being served during that time of intense scaling! We also train our Project Manager on a number of different skill sets, so we can handle new challenges and switch direction with ease!

Look For Outsourcers Who Prioritize Security

 These days everyone is worried about how secure their information is. With security breaches happening all of the time, it is no wonder that customers tend to get skittish at any sign of lax security. That’s why it is so important to look for outsourcers who prioritize security.

Your customers might not be the only ones affected either! Many companies have sensitive information and want to strictly restrict the number of people who have access to certain types of data. It makes smart business sense to look for an outsourcer who puts the appropriate emphasis on security.

At Vcare, we know how critical security is to both your company and your vulnerable customers. That’s why we restrict internet access in our outsourcing centers. We also conduct 24/7 monitoring to ensure that nothing is getting breached. Our equipment is USB drive disabled and none of our reps have admin rights. We are 100% PCI compliant. These small steps go a long way to making sure that your company is safe and secure in our hands.

Look For Outsourcers Who Are Invested In Your Company

You need to look at outsourcing as a partnership, not a service. For many of your customers, your outsourcers are the face of the company. They need to be fully invested in your mission and driven to help you succeed.

Find an outsourcer who is a partner, not a provider. Find one who can roll with the punches and understand the importance of giving your customers the quality care that they need and deserve.

(v)WeCare values all of our partnerships and understands the importance of flexibility. We train our staff to be empathetic and thorough with your customers at all times. After all, without your customers there would be no company! We know that the stakes are high, so we put a premium on customer satisfaction with live chat options, social media engagement, and active minimization of hold times.

When it comes to the important task of choosing a quality outsourcer, look beyond the price tag. The trusted partnership that you cultivate with your outsourcing company is one that can take your business to brand new heights. It’s important to choose wisely!


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