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The Most Dangerous Technology in the World: Latest technology has already been tested by many countries, but what if these new technologies are dangerous enough to destroy entire human generations? Aren’t afraid to see every day launching of sci/tech? Yes, we too but before we find some cure or safety from these dangerous technologies, lets understand them, if they really exist or just in theories.


Now after watching the video, we have come to conclusion that these are not just theories but scientists from all countries are in the cut throat competition. And no one wants to get defeated by others, so who has the most powerful weapon in the world?

Why not people prefer peace over these fatal weapons?

Of course we all believe in peace, but what if others don’t, then we have to safe guard ourselves from intruders or terrorists who have only one goal in their life- “destroy the peace of others”

Yes, here comes the need of having “the most powerful weapon in the world, so that we can feel more secured.”

The Most Dangerous Technology in the World- Full Reviews

Here is the list of The Most Dangerous Technology in the World –

  • Long-Range Airplanes and Rockets with fatal weapons
  • Conventional Weapons with advanced AI
  • Genetic Engineering with intention of Mutations
  • Nuclear Technology and Plutonium for destruction purpose
  • Extermination Techniques is still not fully used, but has immense destruction power
  • E-Money Violence has become new threat to everyone
  • Chemical Weapons, Neutron Bombs is a  Dirty Bombs
  • Atomic and Thermonuclear Bombs are conventional but can leave no human on earth, if used one more time
  • Artificial Viruses and Bacteria
  • And AI: Artificial Intelligence that is still not fully grown yet

The Most Dangerous Technology in the World | Tech Reviews

Everything about The Most Dangerous Technology in the World

Korea has been in the news recently for using destructive weapons for creating earth quake in china or near Japan. But Korea is not the only country that has the most dangerous technology in the world. here is the list of countries-

  1. USA
  2. Russia
  3. Korea
  4. ISIS
  5. China
  6. Pakistan
  7. Israel
  8. India
  9. other

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Actually if everything goes smooth and silent then we will live longer than our previous generations, but World War 3 which will leave no clue of human race on the earth. Then dreams of living on Mars or Moon would be just unfulfilled dreams, so make peace with each other and live happily. The Most Dangerous Technology in the World

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