The Most Important Custom Cosmetic Packaging Elements You Must Know

In a world that’s all about first impressions, to make a lasting one on potential customers in the market, your product packaging must appear appealing. It must attract customers, and for that, you have to focus on some important basics. Along with grabbing customer attention, and boosting sales, manufacturers must ensure the custom cosmetic packaging performs the right functions. This means it has to keep the products secure and safe from environmental factors and mishandling. 

Talking about protection and durability, the coating is an important packaging element you have to be sure of, especially if you still want the packaging to appear best, regardless of multiple customers mishandling the products. Whether you decide to use the cosmetic boxes for bulk sales of products, the coating also has an impact on the appeal and look of the product contained inside.

Consider Aqueous Coating for Cosmetic Boxes Wholesale

For various boxes, aqueous coating stands out as a popular choice. This is because of the advantages, cost-effectiveness, and specific applications it has to offer. Compared to others like varnish and UV coating, aqueous is water-based. It dries faster when used during printing processes, which makes it possible to achieve various appearances, hence it allows a variety of application methods. For cosmetic packaging wholesale, this coating is environmentally friendly. It is also preferred in food packaging, fast-moving products like cosmetics, and household products.

It Enhances Durability

Coatings on packaging boxes are important because they resist impurities and fingerprints. It is possible to enhance the durability of the surface of the cosmetic box with different coatings. For some cosmetic products, this coating choice is great. However, for perfumes that contain chemicals, it may not be the best choice to choose AQ coating for the interior and the exterior packaging. Before you choose the coating, you should consult experts such as those at IMH Packaging. Professionals like these can guide you well.

The Types of Aqueous Coatings Available

There are different variations available in this type of coating. You can go with gloss AQ, especially if you need a muted gloss and less showy type of finish. For a high gloss, film laminates or UV coating is preferable. For minimal shine, you can consider matte coating and depth with a high color degree. Satin coating under this category is great too. It offers an appearance between matte and gloss. This type of coating also offers medium shine, as well as resistance for the cosmetic boxes you wish to manufacture.              

Soft-touch aqueous coating is great too and it has a velvety texture along with a mellow appearance. You can choose the dry-erase aqueous coating too. This achieves a high gloss type of effect, and it is an inexpensive choice. Before lamination, the primer application is recommendable. It becomes receptive to ink and used on substrates.

The Advantages of AQ Coating

The first benefit is its non-toxic and environmentally-friendly nature. The stock paper is recyclable, and it doesn’t produce any kind of harmful by-products. There’s minimal waste of solid after application of the coating and the cleaning process doesn’t require any kind of cleaning agents.

It’s versatile, and a no-hassle solution when additional finishing is necessary. It works well with other processes that proceed, like glues and inks application. With this coating on the custom cosmetic boxes, it is easier to print and write on them. This is a cost-effective choice, and available in bulk orders as well for businesses that specialize in sales of various beauty products. It’s also durable and compatible with metallic inks. For your next custom cosmetic boxes wholesale, try this coating!


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