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Summer clothes are the name of freedom and relaxation. Wearing lightweight, breathable fabric clothing is fun for both men and women. The cotton and rayon fabric are best for your clothing. The fabric is relaxing and comfortable in the hot summers. 
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The summerclothes are normally of light colors, airy, and absorbable. During hot summer times, men wear shorts, T-shirts, tank tops (sleeveless shirts).  It’s best to avoid clothes of synthetic material stick to cotton and rayon.

Women’s summer clothes carry more variety and range as compared to the men wear, normally like skirts, long and short boho dresses, jumpsuits, and cotton fabricated Sarong. The Sarong dresses are also popular as they are fabricated mainly from cotton. 

Characteristics of summer clothes:

The summer clothing ranges from a different variety, fashion and styles are coming in the market. The common characteristics of summer clothes are as follows:

  • Natural fabric
  • Loosen up
  • Easily washable
  • Wear a hat 
  • Sweatshirts

Natural fabric:

When you are selecting a dress for the summer, have to check the tag what is the composition of the fabric. Men had advanced in every field, but still, we are not able to produce the substitute of natural cellulose fabric like cotton.

The cellulose fabric absorbs easily our perspiration and windy at the same time. The fiber maintains the normal metabolism of the body during raising temperatures. Our body cells work properly and our heartbeat remains adaptable, so we feel comfortable.   

Loosen up:

Wearing tight clothes can be drowsy in hot conditions. Bacteria grow rapidly in dirt and in moisture tangled in tight clothing. The growth of bacteria causes a specific smell in addition to the specific smell of perspiration. The undergarments should be washed off quickly to avoid skin disease. In hot summer clothes, hygiene is important.  

So loose clothing is advisable in hot conditions.

Easily washable:

Summer clothes should be easily washable, the naturally produced fiber cloths are easily washable. Avoid wearing heavy polyester-crafted jeans during hot summers, they are not easily washable. Hot weather conditions demand cleaner clothes.

In summers one requires multiple times watching of clothes.  

Easily washables clothes are made of the following fibers:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Rayon

Wear a hat:

Wearing a hat in hot summer can save you from the severe sun. Hats can shield your skin from radiation and heat. They provide you a shadow, even an open area. They can improve your comfort on hot sunny days.

Different types of hats are common:

  • Safari hat
  • Cowboy hat
  • Straw wide hat
  • Mech soaker hat


Sweatshirts are best to wear in summer, they are designed to absorb sweat and cool your body during sweating.  Sweatshirts are good to wear, they provide comfort and relaxation to your body. We need a certain amount of water during summer, too much sweating can reduce our mineral level. These minerals are essential for proper metabolism. 

Hot weathers require a certain change in your wearing habits. You have to understand, that the summer season requires a change in your approach. It’s good to look smart and healthy at the same time. It’s good to consult a designer before selecting your summer clothes.   

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