The organization is the key to the successful storage of garden furniture

There is an old saying that goes something like “a place for everything and everything in its place”. Grandmothers everywhere have passed on those gemstones of knowledge to the younger generations. If you are one of the unlucky ones who has to make an effort to get organized, organizing garden furniture storage can be difficult. If so, take heart. Here’s how to make storing garden furniture quick and easy:

Do you have a garage or shed? Or maybe some space in a basement? Find the best place to store your garden furniture. Ideally, the location would be easily accessible, but would not be necessary for any other purpose throughout the year. If your garage is being used to store your car (what a unique idea!), Consider finding space on the garage roof. You can hire a maintenance staff to build a walkway or an attic in your garage, if you don’t already have that Guardamuebles Valladolid. Be sure to install sturdy attic ladders and adequate lighting.

Ask friends and neighbors for help. Maybe you have a neighbor with an unused garage. Ask him to rent it to you. That way, your furniture will be nearby if you need it, but (hopefully) it won’t cost you much to store it.

If you do not have or cannot find a suitable space for the storage of garden furniture, you can pay for a storage unit in a separate location. Since you can generally afford yard furniture storage month-to-month, this could be an inexpensive way to keep things in good shape during the harsh winter months.

If all of these ideas don’t work for you, consider buying plastic covers for your furniture. These can sometimes be purchased at the same store where you purchased your furniture. Be sure to measure each piece of furniture before ordering the covers, so that each cover fits perfectly and does not fly.

When organizing your garden furniture storage, think of a logical order in which to place your items. You don’t want to take a watering can that you will continue to use once a week and bury it in the back of your storage area, making it difficult to locate.

When organizing a garage, shed, basement, or other storage location, keep items that may be used occasionally in an easily accessible area. Make a list of all the smaller items that need to be stored. Do you have garden tools, shovels, fertilizer bags, mulch, hoses, sprinklers, table umbrellas, or any other items that need organizing? Put them together and organize them before putting away your garden furniture. Attach hooks and shelves to the walls, if possible, to organize garden tools. Fertilizer and mulch can become smelly over time, so you may want to store these items outdoors, although you will need to cover them well.

Put a durable tag on any item that rots or you don’t remember. For example, if you have flower bulbs in a pot ready to plant in spring, be sure to label what type they are. Otherwise, in six months you will be looking at the pot trying to remember what bulbs you have.

Clean your furniture before storing it. This is important for any garden furniture storage plan. Garden furniture will last much longer if kept clean year-round. Give it a good extra cleaning before storing, as it will remain unused for an extended period of time.


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