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Cyclorama walls are extremely utilitarian entities that are primarily used by videographers and even photographers to a certain extent. While the entire cyclorama studio is an intricate production tool, it comes with a host of potential benefits. Put simply, the CYC walls assist service provider with video production besides making it easier for the photographers to envision exceptional product shoots. Needless to say, the Levi commercial is one of the best uses of the CYC walls and in the subsequent sections, we shall talk about the positive aspects of the same in detail, precisely from a more productive point of view.

Using the White Cyclorama Studio for Shots

If you are a videographer, the white CYC wall will certainly excite you. Firstly, these walls are extremely useful as they are arched and offer a sense of depth to the shoots. Moreover, the edges are cohesive and aren’t sharp which mean that it becomes literally impossible to identify the floor and walls, once the video or even the snaps come out. 

In the simplest possible terms, the white walls help videographers disappear the backgrounds and customize the same depending on requirements. Moreover, from a layman’s perspective, the cyclorama walls are curved entities which can also be used as green screens for masking backdrops. That said, these are mostly used in select theatres for the purpose of rendering optical illusion.

Benefits of White CYCs

If you are looking for natural light and brightness, the white-walled CYCs can do the job. Firstly, these are highly versatile entities which help realize the best shots by minimizing elements. Moreover, the white backdrop and the curved edges are great for isolating the product or subject and bringing it right to the focus. Moreover, if Cyclorama walls are used, video and image editing during post-production become easier than ever.

Cyclorama Walls and the Perfect Shots

As mentioned previously, the Cyclorama walls offer an infinitive illusion and allow artists to project the best ideas, once the videos and images go for editing. Therefore, these walls have a massive significance in regard to broadcast media, virtual reality, and even product photography. Most importantly, the lighting possibilities also increase if the cyclorama green screen is used. 

While there are many examples of companies using CYC walls for the job, some of the Apple adverts showcase the same in the best possible manner. From a starter’s perspective, cyclorama is more like a giant egg that dresses in white but offers a curved sensation for better editing. The concept of infinity background is what works in favour of the photographers.

The green screen benefits of these walls can be best experienced in case of action movies that require a lot of editing and VFX inclusion. The presence of the objects gets magnified in case these walls are used. Filmmakers use the CYC green screens to their advantage, in order to manipulate shots. 

Setting up Walls

From now, if you hear someone talking about the cyclorama shots, you can assume that the entire photographic, 360-degree view is captured. The panoramic experience is mainly due to the cylindrical platform and it is necessary to set this up perfectly for getting hold of the best shots. While manual setups were previously necessary, there are quite a few pre-fabricated CYC modules that are used by companies to speed up the process. This means that the company or the studio only needs to assemble the pieces and boards for putting up the CYC wall. Moreover, this process makes it easier to customize the walls based on the preferences of the studio and the concerned firm. 


To be precise, you need to read through the entire article for getting a fair idea regarding the cyclorama studio. However, technology has eased out the process for us and videographers and studios can now make use of modular walls for using these backgrounds at several locations. The new-gen items make sure that the walls fit in almost anywhere and there are no space constraints to look at. Therefore, some of the best studios in the country have pre-defined cyclorama walls in place, just to sweeten the pot further for the videographers.

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