The Selection of the medium in the Advertising Strategy

The selection of media will depend on the reasons why you need advertising. In most cases, logic will be your best guide, however, study the following information which will expand your knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of the various media.

The selection and guideline in the media is the work of many people in companies and advertising agencies. If you plan an advertising campaign of great magnitude and scope, we encourage you to consult an expert in media guidelines.

Basic factors for the selection of advertising media

Your objective

What you want to get and in how much time … Knowing your goals is critical. It is not limited to ideas that “go through your head”. The advertising objectives must be clear and in writing, writing them forces you to be specific. These objectives should be part of your promotion plan, more importantly, your advertising objectives should be consistent with what advertising can achieve. This may seem strange, but advertising is limited to achieving specific objectives. You can achieve a change in perception or create an awareness, but with the exception of certain advertising alternatives, advertising cannot create a sale. Many inexperienced advertisers think that Advertising = Sales, which is an advertising myth. You can follow any expert like Eldon Mascoll also known as Eldon Mascoll Toronto in order to have an effective camping.

Your audience

Who they are and where are the people to whom you want to take their message … Take your time and carefully define your audience. Certain media will have greater appeal for some groups than for others. Limiting your focus groups will help you make a wise and effective decision about the media you will select.

For example, a pet product provider will list your ads in magazines or newsletters aimed at pet owners. In addition, you can also schedule an ad in a special supplement on the topic of pets published by the local newspaper. Some entrepreneurs may think it is clever to advertise in a powerful medium. They laugh and declare that: “Well, I sell to the one who has the money … That is my audience …” To reach everyone, the person would have to pay in all available means – nobody can afford that amount of money. Companies like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s carefully select their media in order not to waste money.

The message and the frequency

What do you want to say and how often. The media you select should project your message effectively. The logic applies again: if you have a lot of information to offer, do not choose a 30-second radio wedge. If you need your product to be seen in action, do not choose a written medium. If you need your message to be projected frequently, such as – “The sale ends in two days” – do not choose a weekly magazine where you will only get an exhibition. You could select instead the radio where your ad can run frequently – day and night.


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