The world’s most useful financial app

The world’s most useful financial app

Managing personal finances, following financial and economic news, and trading the markets aren’t always easy. It can actually be quite stressful if you do not have the right tools. Here are the most useful financial apps currently available that will help you get your finances organized as you set about making more profitable investments.

#1 Mint

It’s very important to have a tool to create a budget, track your expenses and see if you’re sticking to your plan, so that you can take charge of your finances to reach your goals.

This app is definitely a must-have when it comes to personal finances. Mint is super-intuitive and gives you a comprehensive real-time overview of all your expenses.

#2 Clarity Money

How many times have you wished you’d canceled your gym subscription because you were overseas for a long period or because you simply didn’t have enough time to use it? Clarity Money is a great tool to that helps you managing checking, savings and credit accounts.

It also saves you money, especially when it comes to all those subscriptions, by helping you identify and cancel the ones you don’t need. More than that, the company can negotiate on your behalf to lower your bills and the app also offers an automated savings option.

#3 Bloomberg

While it’s easy to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world these days, finding quality news sources is often harder. Bloomberg is one of the most recognized, trusted and useful hubs for economic and financial news.

With this app you can access all the latest business and international news and understand the impact every event could have on your life and your investments.

#4 Investopedia

In addition to offering actionable financial and business information that every investor can use in their trading strategy, Investopedia helps its readers to work on their financial knowledge and awareness.

This app is all about providing investment education, advice on how to take care of your money, how to best prepare for retirement, how to save more effectively, trading best practices, plus money and risk management.

  1. #5 Almahfaza

For those who enjoy trading the markets, mobile trading isn’t always the most intuitive and easiest way. But there are brokers offering a great on-the-go trading experience, like Almahfaza app.

Almahfaza is a fully regulated and hugely popular CFD and Forex broker that is used by traders worldwide who want a premium experience. With Almahfaza, you have access to more than 300 assets with advanced and professional trading platforms such as MetaTrader.


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