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A police officer is one of the most sought-after jobs in New York City. Thousands of candidates appear in the New York Police Officer Exam to get an opportunity to be in the police service and serve their city and the public. According to a news website, more than 14,000 New York residents have applied already for NY Police Officer Exam. Police officers’ job is to protect the law in the city, make sure people follow it, and protect the public from threats. It can be dangerous but rewarding too. It gives people a feeling of respect and authority, and they’re compelled in helping others.

Dedication, endurance, and enthusiasm are required for a successful, satisfying, and lengthy career as a police officer. However, the most effective police officers understand that other talents and characteristics are required for long-term success and advancement in the sector.

Police officers talking to each other

Following are some important characters that a police officer teaches people about success.


People may have regarded their sympathetic disposition as a disadvantage when pursuing the difficult profession of being a police officer. However, an individual’s ability to exhibit empathy and know when to offer tough love to their kids, relatives, or parents may come in useful at work. Much of a police officer’s job is to empathize with people who are going through terrible things while still being professional.

A constant supply of empathy will not only help people be better police officers, but it can also become the driving factor behind the profession and life. Empathy and compassion are two things that police officers teach us by being themselves and by helping others. They have to risk their lives to save others most of the time, and they still do not hesitate.


People that are the sort of individuals who constantly follow through on the high-quality job, whether or not a supervisor is there, already have one of the top police officer attributes. Integrity is a necessary and maybe the most crucial characteristic for police officers. Integrity is a critical component in the gaining public’s faith and credibility in police agencies and officers.

Officers that go above and beyond and risk everything while serving society are the kinds of police officers this country needs. They teach us the meaning of integrity and self-sacrifice in how they risk their lives for the betterment and safety of the public and the city.

Integrity is why people feel safe if a police officer is close-by and don’t hesitate to go to a police station when they face a threat.


Effective communication skills are one of the most critical attributes of a police officer. Communication skills are necessary for the police department. New York is a huge city, and crime or violence can happen in any part of the city at any time. Contacting the police officer near that area and effectively communicating the issue to them is essential if the police are to do their job effectively.

Communicating with the public as well as assaulters is also critical for a police officer. Hence, many research studies and surveys have stated that communication skills matter more for a police officer than most jobs since the stakes sometimes are very high in this field.

Police officer with a kid

It’s known that as a police officer, one’s ability to speak properly may help them acquire the trust of the citizens and general public. Effective communication skills are vital as they enable officers to build positive relations with the public, coworkers, and people from different cultures.


As police officers, people naturally interested and eager to expand their knowledge and talents can make a significant difference. And although police officers get extensive training before being assigned to a position in uniform, there is always more to learn on the job.

People don’t comprehend that becoming a police officer requires them to be a jack of all trades. Police officers have a lot on their plates, and new things are always being added to them. They’re always learning one thing or the other. They evolve with time as professionals and humans since every day may bring a new lesson and provide a new opportunity to grow and learn more.


Police officers in today’s culture must have tough skin and a strong sense of perseverance. They might be viewed as the antagonist on many occasions, and they must recover from these remarks and recognize their genuine value and the significance of what they as a police officer do. Resilience may also assist in overcoming problems that are bound to arise in professions related to law enforcement.


The author of this article is Sean Henry. He’s a retired police officer who served in Suffolk County Police. Now he’s working as an instructor and teaches and helps candidates who want to join the police and are preparing for the civil services exams. He’s currently associated with Civil Service Success. For more information, contact the company through its website.


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